Photo Album : Physical vs Electronic Ones

rear you one of those photo addicts who loves preserving memories through photography? What medium do you use for taking photos? And how do you put your crafts together – in a photo album? Physical or electronics type?

Your answer wouldn’t defy what kind of person you are, it’s only a little comparison of the traditional vs. the modernized type of collecting and putting up photos together. So, read and let me know your side about the topic.


The physical type of a photo album is the traditional way of preserving memories. It is usually done with printed photos, and a photo album or a photo compiler. It comes with different features – some photo albums consist of a compartment or a series of pocket where you can slip inside the photos of your choice, the usual form of a photo album comes with a heavy paper or pages with a coarse surface covered with plastic sheets where you can just put your photos effortlessly, and the older style were usually simply books of a heavy paper or pages which photos could be stuck with adhesive corners. These different forms can last as long as you live depending on how you take care of it, and how you store it.

Whereas in the digital type of a photo album, the photos are preserved in a modern and digital way.  It is usually a software or an application where the user could import, or upload images form different photography medium and could come with an app where you can store, edit, layout, or sort out your photos by date or events. Usually It’s done using high technology gadgets which are nowadays, have also becoming a trend in photography. Nowadays, you can also consider your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms where you can upload and store your photos to be one of the forms of a digital photo album.


If it would be judged on the price or expense of the two parties, there is a “no more, no less” difference. If you are engaged enough in photo hoarding, whichever of the two types you might think of considering, you’re required to at least allocate a certain amount of money. Of course, there are not many free things in this world.

If you are choosing to do a physical photo album, then you must be willing enough to lend some budget for printing a bunch of photographs, for buying two to three photo albums depending on how many photos you have. These might merely a short list for you, but it is pricier than you think. However, the happiness you would have when you see the output would be priceless compared with the money you released.

Moreover, like that of the physical photo album, digital photo album may cost you a little more. It might be easier and cheaper for you thinking that as long as you have a digital camera, DSLR, or mobile and smartphones that it’s just nothing. Well, come to think of the fact, how much one quality and well-known brand of a camera would cost you? How about the internet that you need to upload the photos? You are still required to open your wallet and surrender a count of money that you have.


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Yes, creativity is in the criteria. Why? Because most people would be very engaged in some things that they could divert their energy into.You are most probably get hooked easily to things that may help you escape in your day-to-day drama. Don’t worry because you can channel your inner creativity hiding in you.

If you want to craft, then you would probably want to try making your own physical photo albums. You could add on little things like creative stickers, scraps, washy tapes, or notes regarding the photos you are putting on the album.

Moreover, in a modern way, you can also use the digital type photo album wherein you could download several apps, for editing, sorting out, and uploading your photos.


A physical photo album is a little space consumer, the more albums you have, the more space it consumes. Also, concerning its convenience, it may cost a little time and effort to be accessed. Like for example, you’re looking for a particular photo on a wedding event of your uncle last year, you wouldn’t be possibly sure where are the exact photo album and page you would visit in order to get access to the photo. And also, it is a little bulky to be stored and a little hustle to search for in the bustle of albums you have.

Wherein the digital type, it’s a lot more portable than the physical ones. You can carry it on your phone, iPad, or tablets and many more portable gadgets to name. You can take photos anywhere and everywhere you want to, and edit the photos right after then upload to your social media account. Having it laid on the internet makes a great chance for people to see your digital typeof “photo album” on your social media accounts.


How can we measure its life span if it’s not even alive? Well, what an ironic question if you ever thought of that, the life span refers to how long these two subjects could last. For the part of the physical photo album, it probably has a longer life span since it’s mostly stored in a safe and sound place together with its mates. Since it can’t be carried along somewhere and everywhere, it is safer to get lost or damaged. Moreover, it can be used as a tool for future genealogy research for the generations to come. However, if it’s not compiled properly, the physical albums will usually come to an end once an unfortunate flood, fire, and any natural disasters occurred.

In the meantime, photo albums stored in your high technology gadgets are preferred to live shorter, why? Simply because gadgets are prone to prying eyes, and is usually the candidate for lost objects. Also, once the gadget reached its limit or maximum storage, you are probably wanting to decide to delete other photos or videos just to fit the new ones in.


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