Who are the most followed influencers on Pinterest?

Who are the most followed influencers on Pinterest

Pinterest application developed in 2010 allows users to pin images (similar to likes on Instagram) on their profiles and organize them in specific folders (fashion, beauty, decoration, etc.). The site brings together more than 250 million active users each month and claims that 90% of its users first went to the platform before making a purchase decision.

Many brands have understood the value of influencing marketing on the platform. For example at Christmas, Picard to ask different creators of content specializing in beauty or decoration, to stage the products for the holiday season. Since November, Pinterest has been rolling out its advertising offering to the world, which opens up other creative avenues for businesses.

The most popular content

As on many other social networks, lifestyle themes are very shared on the Pinterest influencer marketing platform. According to a study by Semrush, the decoration category comes first with the highest number of pins (28.9%). Next come style (21.6%) as well as food and drink (15.1%).

The most followed content creators regularly share on these different themes. The most popular accounts receive millions of visits to their profiles each month.

The advantages of working with a Nano-influencer

There are 100,000 estimated influencers all over the world. Among them are big influencers and smaller ones with a smaller community. They are called Nano-influencers. This category of content creators is known to stay close to their community and it makes them feel good. The engagement rate recorded on this type of profile is 15.1% compared to 2.4% for those with a large number of subscribers.

Brands are increasingly interested in Nano-influencers. Agencies or companies make it the basis of their business. The first offers marketing influence campaigns, the second solicits content creators to have constructive feedback on the products tested.

Why work with Nano-influencers?

As previously explained, Nano-influencers have a community that does not exceed 100,000 subscribers. It allows them to stay close to their followers and continue to play the role of good boyfriend / good girlfriend.

This proximity also has other advantages. By working with this type of profile, brands can develop their presence on the web. Nano-influencers will tell their subscribers about their discovery by recommending or not recommending a product while being honest with them. If the test was successful, the content creator will help increase the company’s conversion rate by encouraging its community to also test and become a customer. But purchases will not only be made online.

In addition to sending a large number of its subscribers to the brand’s site, the Nano-influencer will also create another phenomenon. Their community will first learn about the product online before they buy it in store. In all cases, the brand will be able to develop its reputation with a group of people sharing the same values. The Nano influencer platforms and companies help individuals to grow their follower base and to get the title of a Nano influencer. It makes easier to develop an individual identity on the social media with the help of an influencer marketing agency.


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