Top Reasons Why Scandinavian Interior Design Is Worth It

Top Reasons Why Scandinavian Interior Design Is Worth It

When talking about the interior, Scandinavian interior design is one of the most prominent movements of the 20th century and beyond. Starting from the Nordic countries in the early 1900s, by the 1950s, it spread across the world. Now, it’s a common choice for the new homeowners in Singapore.

Perhaps, the main reason the “Hygge” style is a preferable choice for BTO and resale flats is its simplicity. The mix between minimalism and functionality undoubtedly adds an unmatched elegance and sophistication to any space. In this regard, it would perfectly fit even the tiniest HDB flats. 

Perhaps, you’re still wondering whether a Scandinavian interior design is a suitable choice for your home. Whether you love natural elements or you’re into minimalist aesthetics, there’s much more to the Nordic lifestyle than you’ve imagined. Read on to learn why this interior style is worth considering.

Scandinavian interior design – Meaning

As expected, the essence of the style goes way back to the Golden age of Nordic design. Some of the Scandinavian interior design originators are Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen and Olav Haug. They first introduced elements like the Egg Chair, the Spanish Chair, the Finlandia glassware series and more. Ultimately, they outlined an entire way of living by creating a warm atmosphere to enjoy life.

Why is a Scandinavian interior design perfect for Condo and HDB flats?

Indeed, the idea of hygge fits perfectly with what both designers and homeowners are looking for in Singapore. Moreover, the straightforward and clutter-free interior will surely make the most out of any HDB home. Of course, let’s not forget about the contemporary accents that will give the desired sophistication to your interior.

Minimalist Functionality

Before you consider choosing a Scandinavian interior design for your home, think of how you want it to look. In most cases, tiny HDB homes require radical changes in terms of space. Luckily, hygge can solve all your problems by instilling simplicity.

Indeed, the style uses lots of practical furniture that’s sure to improve the way you use your space. Typically, such interiors include elevated pieces made of beech, ash and pine that perfectly adorn the neutral wall tones. Designers usually add wall art, lamps, cushions, and such to complete the looks.

Persistency of the Natural Element

When you think of the Nordic nations, you can’t help but associate them with the vast forests and wild animals. Perhaps, that’s where the primary principle of the interior style lies. As expected, the Scandinavian interior design relies heavily on nature and the natural elements in all their forms. In this regard, it’s safe to say that they are the critical factor to creating a warm and cosy atmosphere in every home.

Undoubtedly, you don’t necessarily have to overflow your space with plants. Still, you’re safe to complement your corners and shelves without creating unwanted clutter. Moreover, it would be best to consider utilising natural fabrics like wool, cotton and even creased linen textile. You can even go full-on and adorn your chairs and armchairs with some animal hides or pelts. Ultimately, you’ll create the signature understated elegance while sticking to the concept of minimalist functionality.

Focus on Wooden Elements

Of course, one of the critical elements that make this style unique is the presence of nature in every form. As expected, the picturesque mountains and forests are two of the symbols of the cultural identity of the Nordic nations. As such, wooden elements persist in every Scandinavian interior design and are prevalent for apparent reasons. 

As already mentioned, birch, spruce and pine are only a few wood species that will fit in the design scheme. Such pieces of furniture will easily blend in with the rest of the colour palette. That way, you’ll create a natural flow between the different areas in your home. 

The same goes for the flooring – you’ll hardly see an HDB Scandinavian interior design with carpet flooring. Instead, hardwood is preferable, as pale and bare floor planks are a common choice among designers and homeowners. Ultimately, you can finish the looks with plush rugs in the typical patterns. 

Remember that hardwood flooring and wooden furniture can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re picky with your choices. In such cases, you can replace the wooden cabinets with all-white or neutral cabinets. You can opt for Herringbone parquet or laminate flooring if your budget is tight. In the bathroom, you can go with tiles or even vinyl flooring.

Clutter-free Simplicity 

Arguably, every HDB and Condo owner in Singapore wishes they could make the most out of their space. Unfortunately, this rule applies to 5-room HDB flats, too. The truth is these types of homes offer a restricted living area that opts for creative solutions. Luckily, Scandinavian interior design is here to help by applying simplicity and functionality.

As mentioned above, the key to achieving hygge is to strip down your interior to its essentials. In other words, you should get rid of everything unwanted and unused. Make sure you conceal everything that’s not there for you to see. Next, store away the decorations and pieces of furniture that you don’t need. As a result, you will visually expand your HDB Scandinavian home.

Nordic Architectural Aesthetics

Finally, nothing can match the glory of the old historical buildings in the Nordic capitals like Copenhagen and Stockholm. The beauty of the architecture is more than a few centuries old. Surprisingly, it is still astonishing with its ornate details and majestic features. 

Perhaps, some of the critical elements of the Nordic architectural aesthetics are the high ceilings and the large windows. While you can’t mimic the concept to the fullest, you can consistently implement some patterns in your decoration.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Scandinavian interior design has influenced many architects and interior designers throughout the 20th century. Nowadays, it delivers the simple but efficient space-saving concept of functionality and minimalism. In other words, Scandinavian interior design serves as the epitome of simplicity and comfort.

HDB and Condo owners often look for a budget-friendly alternative to contemporary and often lavish interior styles in Singapore. You can check out Homees for more Scandinavian interior design ideas in Singapore. Luckily, hygge is easy to pull off and doesn’t require a big budget. Besides, every homeowner will love the combination of function with understated elegance. Ultimately, you’ll make the most out of your space to create a refined and timeless look without breaking the bank.


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