Top 10 Reasons Why We Should All Have A White T-Shirt in Our Wardrobe

Top 10 Reasons Why We Should All Have A White T-Shirt in Our Wardrobe

The white T-shirt is undoubtedly the garment to have in our closet in the summer and beyond. Because? In addition to being super trendy, it is versatile and comfortable. It adapts to all looks and combines easily, it can be transformed and it is like a real blank canvas on which to paint your own style and with which to experiment new fun looks.

If up till a few years ago the classic custom t-shirt was considered too basic a garment and therefore of little appeal, now, after it appeared on the catwalks of the great designers, it has become a real must have of the season, to wear in the city or by the sea, in the office or for an aperitif with friends.

So here are 10 reasons why we should all have a white T-shirt in the closet.

It never goes out of style

Although the white T-shirt has become super trendy in recent seasons, it is still a timeless garment that can always be worn. Therefore, by focusing on a pure white T-shirt, without prints, writings or patterns, we will be sure to have an evergreen t-shirt always in fashion in the wardrobe.

It goes with everything

The pure white t-shirt goes well with everything because it has simple lines and a neutral color. We can therefore combine it with multicolor patterned garments, with stripes, polka dots, with optical prints and combine it with garments of all colors. Finally, it is also perfect with denim. Whatever your fashion requirement, Myntra is the one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs. With the Myntra coupons on Khojdeal, you can shop for your favorite fashion apparels and accessories at never before seen prices.

You can wear it both day and night

Just wear a white shirt over boyfriend jeans and sneakers for a perfect casual day look. If worn under a blazer it can be ideal for an office outfit. On the contrary, if combined with a pencil skirt, a shiny necklace and high heels could also be perfect for a more glamorous or evening look.

It’s a no season garment

The white t-shirt has no seasons. We can not only wear it in summer with shorts, miniskirts and open shoes but also in winter under wool cardigans, maxi sweatshirts or under dresses that are too low-cut for the cold season.

It is unisex

Unless it’s a tight-fitting crop top, more like a top than a t-shirt, the oversized white T-shirt is an absolutely unisex garment. For a super trendy effect, choose men’s cut t-shirts that can be tied at the waist or combined with skinny jeans and tight skirts.


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The light color against the heat

With the arrival of scorching temperatures in summer it is always better to avoid dark colors like black that attract the sun’s rays making us feel even warmer. In summer, opt for dresses with natural yarns and above all dyed in light colors. White is undoubtedly the most suitable shade for being cool in summer.

You can wear it on the beach

A white T-shirt can be worn as a cover-up: combined with denim or patterned shorts or even as if it were a mini dress to tie at the waist with a fabric belt. Just complete the look with flat sandals, dark glasses and straw bag and that’s it.

You can pay it 200 or 1000 rupees

Ever since the white T-shirt appeared on the catwalks of the great fashion designers, couture versions of the simplest garment in our wardrobe have sprung up like mushrooms. There are versions of white T-shirts in refined fabrics or with precious decorations that can cost a significant sum. However, low priced white t-shirts in cotton or other materials are also available everywhere.

You can transform it

A white T-shirt, perhaps oversized, is a garment that can be transformed with a little imagination, giving life to a completely new piece. Just tie it at the waist with a knot to transform it into a crop top. By adding a silk scarf tied between the neck and the low hem you can create a fun top gathered on the front. It is then possible to wear it as a mini dress, combining it with a belt to be positioned at a high waist, or curling the sleeves to modify the classic T shape of the garment.

Leave room to express your personal style

You can wear it on any occasion, you can transform it with other accessories, you can combine it with everything and use it in all seasons, you can even decorate it with pins, shiny applications or fabric colors. The white T-shirt in a nutshell is just like a white canvas to use to express your style by adapting the garment to your physical needs. That’s why we should all have one.


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