Why should you use Linux ???

Why should you use Linux ???

I have been a Windows user since I could remember, it was the first operating system that I used & pretty much it was the only viable working option available back in late 90s & early 2000s. I never even heard of Linux until I was in my high school.

But that was way back then, now Linux surrounds us all. I have also moved to full-time working on Linux system (currently trying POP OS). I even earn my living as full-time Linux Administrator & also write lots about Linux on my blogs LinuxTechLab  & TheLinuxGurus.  So big deal a Linux enthusiast is using a Linux based OS but why should you ???

That’s what we will discuss here, why should you use Linux ?

1- Linux is free & open-source

All Linux are free to use & you will not be charged for using an OS, though some organization like RedHat charges for a subscription but that is for the maintenance & updates. But honestly we can use them without that also.

All the Linux operating systems are required to share the source code of the OS as per the agreement of GPL. So you can just choose a source code for a Linux OS & modify it as per your needs to use of personal level or you can also publish it for download.

2- Linux is easy to use & customize

Linux initially was considered an operating system for scholars, researchers etc & was hardly beginner friendly OS. There was a steep learning curve involved, but now with Linux based OS like  Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora etc, that is hardly the case.

Things are now super easy to get used to & learn, graphical interfaces are pretty & are now easy to use & customize. You can change the graphical interface if you don’t like the default interface. Customization options are endless.

3- Linux maintenance is very easy

Linux updates are published regularly & are pretty easy to install. Linux updates are easy to install & hardly require any restart to complete them, unlike Windows where it can take substantial time to complete the updates.

Personally I never faced a situation where an update broke my Linux system but it has happened quite a few times with my Windows machine.

4- Linux is very secure & stable

Linux systems are highly secure to intrusions, virus or malware attacks. Linux systems provides users with least privilege necessary & when we are required to install some applications or need to make changes to system files, we can use ‘root’ user, which is admin user for Linux systems.

Then there are other application like firewalld, IPtables, Selinux which further strengthen the system, making it more secure.

As for the stability, there are hardly any system crashes. There are instances of servers that have been running for more than a decade without any crashes or restart. Now that’s pretty impressive.

5- Linux is everywhere & runs everything

Now I have shared some points as to why you should use Linux, but thing is that even if you are not running Linux on your personal Desktop/Laptops, you are surrounded by devices running on Linux OS. The beauty of Linux is that it can run on almost any device with as little resources (RAM, CPU) or with as much as resources possible.

Your network modems, routers, smart devices, mobiles, websites or applications you access over internet are all using Linux OS. So whether its a small device like a watch or big server, Linux is there & can handle it with ease.

I believe these points alone are enough to convince you to at least give it a try but still if you are not convinced, then I believe you have a quick look on internet to find even more reasons to try. And well if you are stuck somewhere you can check out the blog techieposts.com for help.


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