8 Wooden Basket Must-Haves!

8 Wooden Basket Must-Haves!

If you are reading this article, then this is your sign to hop on the woven basket trend. It seems like more and more people are getting interested in purchasing and collecting different types of wooden and woven items and furniture to add to their interior design, as they favour rustic and natural styles for their living spaces. No doubt that beautifully handmade wicker baskets will definitely make a great addition, either for storage or decor. 

Well, if you are one of those that are just starting to get the hype for woven decor, we might have something to help you out. We listed below eight woven baskets you should purchase to kick off your collection. You will for sure find these items practical and must-haves. Not only would they match your interior design, but they are also functional.

Laundry Basket

Most laundry baskets you see in the market are either made of cloth or plastics. Let us just be honest — these are ugly. It is time for an upgrade and to invest in a woven laundry basket. It has a lid, so all your dirty laundry will remain hidden. Woven baskets are so beautiful that they make an excellent addition to your room. 

Bread Box

What better way to welcome your morning than to serve your freshly-baked bread in a beautiful handmade bread basket. If you do not like bread, you can also use it to hold your fruits, which you can use as a decoration on your countertops or kitchen tables.

Serving Basket

There are also serving baskets where you can put your casseroles and other dishes. It is perfect to use for outdoor lunch dates in the summer as you spend time with your family and mother nature in your garden.

Wicker Serving Tray

Woven serving trays have a double purpose. They can be used as it is intended, which is as serving trays during meals. But, they can also be used as decors that you can put on top of your coffee table or dresser. You can put magazines on top or even use them as a basket for all your tiny items like keys and pens.

Picnic Basket

If your family loves picnics in the garden or the park, you will have great use out of woven picnic baskets. These are classic must-haves when you try to carry your snacks to enjoy during a summer picnic.

Magazine Basket

If you still purchase physical magazines, a beautiful woven magazine basket is an excellent decor for your living area. It will help all these books stay organized while looking very aesthetically pleasing.

Woven Basket Centerpieces

Woven baskets are not only for storage. There are also ones that are meant solely as centrepieces. They are readily arranged and decorated with flowers and other little trinkets that will definitely spice up your tables during important meals with the family or just decors in the living room.

Customised Storage Baskets

If you cannot seem to find the right storage basket for you, no need to fret because you can always have them customized. There are basket makers that accept customized orders, so make sure to find one of those.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase these wooden baskets and use them to spruce up your space, add a bit of natural element to the room. It will surely match any style, from rustic and farmhouse to minimalist. These are only a few of the wide selection for wooden baskets. They also come in different shapes and sizes, which means you can surely find one that will appeal to you.


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