15 Types of Workplace Injury You Deserve Compensation For

15 Types of Workplace Injury You Deserve Compensation For

Some workplaces may seem to contain a certain amount of inherent risk, and there are jobs that you get paid more money for because you may get injured, but every place where there are people who are working together, and there are machines, and heavy implements, you can get injured. If you can develop an injury typing, you can get injured everywhere. If it happens at work, then there is a chance that you may be able to claim compensation for it.


Are you doing too much to it? In order to get a job done people will sometimes push themselves too far, and they end up injuring themselves in a number of ways. This can cause you muscular problems, or skeletal problems.

Sprains, strains can affect your limbs, your joints, any portion of your back, and they can make it really hard to keep working, or do daily activities outside of work. You can lose a lot of money.


Falls are definitely one of the leading causes of workplace injury.

When you think about a fall in a workplace you are probably thinking about falling from a huge height, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a great distance that you fall.

It may be something of a cliche, but it’s how you land that does the damage. You can suffer broken bones, sprains, head injuries, and in some cases, even fatalities.

Struck-by Events

OSHA lists being stuck by things unexpectedly as one of the big four hazards that affect people on construction sites, and it accounts for 8% of deaths on construction sites. It obviously can happen in other places as well – things fall over and strike people in offices as well and in warehouses.

A worker is moving around and then suddenly something hits them, and obviously that can be an item of any size, traveling at any speed, and the effect can be of varying degrees, with anything from bruises, to breaks, to fatalities. Struck -by events may be the causes of brain injuries that have long lasting effects.

Crush Injuries

If you work in a place where there is heavy machinery, or perhaps you are moving heavy things, then a crush injury is more likely. It is not that it is impossible, as with most injuries, to experience them in any workplace, but certain work environments definitely make the likelihood of this type of injury that much higher.

You can end up being affected for a long time by these injuries, and in some cases may even lose the affected body part to amputation.

Bodily Reaction

You are involved in an activity and you can be doing it for a long period of time or a short period of time; whichever the case, it leads to an injury that is classified as a bodily reaction.

You may be repeatedly bending and something gives, or climbing and your knee or back go out. It can even result from standing for extended periods of time, sitting in a chair that isn’t ergonomic. You might be reaching and you overextend yourself. The causes for bodily reaction injuries are as numerous as possible injuries. It also includes slipping or tripping without falling.

Highway Accidents

If you have a job that involves driving then you are at risk of an accident on the highway. Auto accidents are up there as one of the top causes of workplace deaths. Truck drivers and delivery drivers are obviously equally at risk, you can add in couriers, chauffeurs, taxi drivers, and Uber and Lyft drivers as well.

Any kind of industrial highway accident is going to be investigated even more thoroughly than your normal accident because there are more interested parties and the potential cost could be significantly higher.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries can occur in many different occupations. You might be lifting something from a pallet into a shelf and throw out your back. You might be working on a production line working on a single part of a whole process and the same action negatively impacts you. Typing can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

It can vary from small tasks to larger task, the result is the same – doing the same thing over and over can put wear and tear on the body and injure you.

Work-related Illnesses

Work-related illnesses might be something that develops over a short period of time, or it could be something that you have developed from years of working in a place.

Miners have suffered from respiratory issues for a long time as a result of coal dust, and there are numerous reports of people who have developed asbestosis from factories and office buildings where asbestos was used. You might be working with harmful chemicals without safe protocols being in place, or negligence in some area of the company opens you up to some kind of infection.

Slip Or Trip Without Falling

You don’t have to actually fall over to injure yourself, obviously, but the same thing that put you at risk of falling may make you slip or trip, and that can just as easily cause injury. You can hurt your back maybe you hurt a hand or a foot as you went to steady yourself, or you could have knocked your head. Whatever the result, the cause is of most concern – was their liquid not cleaned up, an unclear pathway or something jutting out that shouldn’t have been? You can make a claim.

Back Injuries

Back Injuries are extremely common. You can cause them by lifting too much, falling, sitting in the wrong position.

Some work places go out of their way to make sure that the risk is minimized, and that you have things such as ergonomically designed chairs, and education on how to lift things. Still, injuries and accidents occur.

A lot of people lose time at work because of back injuries, and it costs employers a lot of money and time.

Building Collapses

Thankfully this is not the most common of workplace injuries, but it does happen, and when it does, you can imagine, the types of injuries that can occur are various. With something like this happening the kinds of injuries that you can get are also going to vary from the acute to the chronic, and sometimes you might not be able to work again.

This kind of injury is also likely to involve multiple people, and depending on how long it lasts may also have a very bad psychological effect on whoever gets trapped.

Mining Accidents

Some industries, given the nature of what they do, contain a degree of danger and unpredictability that is not present with other occupations. While it is true that people have been mining for years, and that the technology has greatly improved during that time, it, of course, does not mean that things can’t go wrong.

Mines collapse, and there is heavy machinery that is involved, and there can even be explosive involved in some kind of mining. All of these come with potential issues, that employers attempt to mitigate with training and safety protocols.

Hospital Accidents

As a hospital worker, you are in a unique position to not only find yourself caught up in the kind of injuries that can affect anyone in a normal work environment but also to be susceptible to all the problems and conditions that people can bring into a hospital.

Diseases or illnesses, or even injury from handling patients. The many ways that you can be injured are obviously impacted by your training but in no way ruled out, and knowing about them beforehand does not mean that you are not entitled to compensation.

Lifting Injuries

Lifting injuries may immediately call to mind the kind of job where what you are lifting is particularly heavy, but if you don’t bend right and you stand up too quickly you might hurt your back or your arms.

Of course, warehousing or factory jobs, or those on building sites, are going to require regular and repeated lifting of heavy articles, but not being frequently required to living things, and then attempting to do so has its own risks.

Fatalities And Wrongful Deaths

Obviously the worst thing that can happen is that you lose your life in the workplace. In that case, the worker’s compensation that is being sought is to help the survivors, who may have lost the primary earner in their household, or at least a significant earner. There is also the fact that they are going to suffer psychological effects from losing a member of their family. All of these things require that they are compensated.

Conclusion : As you can see there are a lot of different things that can cause injury to a person, and all of them entitle you to compensation. If you are unsure about the complexities of compensation and how they relate to your case you should always seek advice.

No one wants to get injured, but in the event that you do, knowing that you can get help to see you through the short term or long term effects of whatever injury you suffer is very reassuring. In those worst cases here there is a loss of life, knowing that your family is going to be taken care of is vital.


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