The 10 best apps to edit videos for free on your smartphone!

The 10 best apps to edit videos for free on your smartphone!

Know here top 10 apps to edit videos for free on your smartphone!

Get applications to edit videos on your phone is a good alternative for those who have adhered to the videos and don’t give up do on my phone.

With each passing day, video content are becoming the preferred by surfers, and the trend is that they keep growing in effectiveness in marketing strategies.

Despite record be a relatively simple process, many people feel a little confused at the time of editing, to see so many options available in the market.

Find out now what the best free apps for download without fear!

The first of the list of applications to edit videos is the

Cute Cut

We opened our list with the Cute Cut, a great video editor, with a flawless performance in the latest devices, but they can also be great on older devices.

At the time, this application is available for Android and iOS. Among its main features are the ability to paint the videos, several transition effects and various options for resolution, orientation and video details.

By being very common among most of the devices, it has a simplified view, allowing the user to view the timeline with the video elements themselves.

Video Show

We have here a video editor with more than 180 million of downloads. The video Show can be considered the number one, if you count for your users.

He brings a simple interface, easy to move, and best of all, free of charge.

In addition, this application is widely used for you tubers who have no computer at home. Therefore, it makes sense to believe that this is one of the best applications to edit videos.


We quote other applications to edit videos. That’s because, in addition to being a mobile application, the Magisto is also an online video editor.

According to the site, the Magisto works with Artificial Intelligence technology, aiming to make video editing simple and fast practice.

The Magisto is very dynamic and allows direct integration with social networks, offering a well-produced, with excellent quality, which includes videos, photos and music.

So, this is one of the best on the list.

Video Maker

If you want to start on their own all the video production process, we have the right application for you!

He in addition to performing basic issues like cutting and pasting parts of videos, he has a variety of effects, filters and stickers to highlight even more the your editing.

The video Maker has been shown to be one of the best applications of category, and, interestingly, is one of the newest, adapting the current era in which we live, since so many people are interested in producing their own videos.

Video Cutter

As the name implies, this application was created with the main purpose to cut off pieces of videos. It is perfect for those who want a simple editing to show in lectures or presentations.

So he enters our list as one of the best apps to edit videos too!

Media Converter

Unlike other video editing applications listed, the Media Converter allows you to convert videos files to other formats, such as MP3 or MP4.

In addition, it allows you to cut all the media files and can turn complete songs in ringtones, alarms or notifications, for example.

Android Video Editor

Android exclusive, this app has simple shortcuts to use at the entrance of the application, allowing the creation of new projects to start editing in a simple and fast.


For the IPhone, we have a very simple application, but that is as efficient as the others mentioned in the list.

Back to who is a beginner in video editing, the WeVideo also has an online version. Its great advantage is your cloud storage, enabling the continuation of the same issue in other devices.


We have here another famous application. The VivaVideo has a simpler interface than the others on the list, but has the same efficiency, in addition to having good tools ready for editing.

With it you can record a video directly from the app or, if you prefer, put together a video from your smartphone gallery images.

The application has good reviews, and apparently is a large “Darling” of the public.


The last of our list is for those seeking a more advanced editor for Android. Supporting several layers of video, audio, text and images, the KineMaster offers a high level of control of the Mobile Edition.

Provided with excellent tools, he is more geared for those looking for a more professional work. The application has tickled much to the public, and apparently has everything to optimize its functionality even more over time.

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