What is WPA2 Password?

What is WPA2 Password?

Want to know about WPA2 Password? If Yes, then Great! As this Web Guide is for you as here we have discussed all about WPA2 Passwords like What it is, How to set it up, How to find it, its requirements and so more.

I am sure that after reading this whole guide carefully you will be able to find and set up the Passcode in just 1 Minute.

So, if getting interested then lets start

WPA2 Password – Explained

WPA2 Password or Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 Password is the Second generation of WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) Password which is typically more Secure then its first Generation. WPA2 key is a self (User Generated) password that is used to protect home WI-FI from unknown device connection.

WPA2 was launched in 2006 as an advance and more secure version of WPA and by its security it had protected uncountable number of unauthorized access.

In Short, WPA2 Password is a more secure version of WPA1 that was launched in 2006 to protect the Wireless Fidelity (Wi-fi) from unauthorized access.

How to find WPA2 password

To find your WPA2 Password, the easiest and the most common way used is to check the password from the previous linked devices.

But, if the WPA2 was not set up in any device yet, then you can try to reset it and setting up a new Password.

What Are The WPA2 Password Requirements?

As, explained above WPA2 Password is much secure than the normal Wi-fi password. Which means that their should be certain requirements that should be fulfill while setting up the Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 Password.

The Requirements that you needs to fulfill are:

  • Password must include
    • Upper and lowercase letters
    • Numeric characters
    • Special keyboard characters

Upper and Lowercase Letters

The Most important point that you need to remember while setting up your WPA 2 Password is that you should include the both Uppercase and lowercase letter.

Now here a lot of readers don’t know that what is uppercase and lowercase letter, so let me explain you:

Upper Case are the Capital letters such as A, B, C, D, E, F and so more and on the another hand the Lowercase letters are the small letters such as a, b, c, d, e, f and so more.

Here we needs to include both the Uppercase and lowercase for example using A, b, C, d and so more according to your wish.

Numeric characters

Numeric characters are the characters that are in the numeric form such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and so more.

While setting up a strong Pass code we should always include at least 1 Numeric character, as it increase the Password security.

Special keyboard characters

One of the another important point that you should focus on is to use a Special keyword character while setting your Router password.

Here a lot of readers don’t know that what are special keyword characters, if you too don’t know then let me explain you –

Special keyboard characters are some characters such as !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), and so more.

TIP/Bonus – Here a tip for you is that you should never try to set up your WPA 2 Pass that is liked to your Name, your Son’s name, your street name or any other common name that any body can guess. You should always set up a strong pass as to protect your home Wi-Fi from any unauthorized access.

What Is A Good WPA2 Password?

If you are wishing to set up a good WPA2 Password that no one can even guess then I have some tips or we can say some special Passwords for you.

But make sure while setting up a Good and secure Pass word not just for WPA2, you should always try to make to as much secure as possible. As week passwords like your name, Your Wife’s name, Your Date of birth, Your phone number as these are very easy to guess and can be cracked easily.

So you should always set up a secure password that no one can guess and to make it more secure you should also include the Uppercase & Lowercase characters, At least One Numeric character and at least one to 2 special characters.

Additionally, you can also use the WPA2 Password generators or Wi-fi passwords generators to generate a password for your Router.

Is WEP Safer Than WPA2?

Direct coming to the Point, No WEP is not Safer than the WPA2. As WEP was launched in 1997 where the WPA2 was introduced in 2007, which shows that WPA2 is an high security and advance version of WEP.

WEP password only contains the numeric characters that makes it week and unsecure passwords and as well as WEP passwords are that much easy to cracked as they can be cracked with in a Minute or Two.

Where, WPA 2 Passwords are recognized as very strong passwords as it have long passwords and includes Uppercase & Lowercase characters, Numeric character and special characters. Which makes it very strong and difficult to crack.

Hence, it clearly shows that the WPA2 Passwords are much secure than the WEP Passwords.


What does WPA2 Password stands for?

The WPA2 Password stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 Passwords.

What is WPA2 password for Wi-Fi?

The WPA 2 Pass is a security key that is used to connect a device to Wi-Fi. It is a unique password that is actable for a particular wireless network.

Should I set up WPA2 Password or WPA password or WEP Password?

If you have to choose between WPA two Passcodes, WPA Password WEP Password then any expert including Me, will advice you to go with the WPA 2 Passcode as it is an advance version of WPA Password and is much secure than both WPA and WEP.

Final Words!

In this guide we have discussed all about the WPA2 Password, like How to Set up, How to find it, should you use it and so more important.

If you like our todays topic then make sure to share us with your family and friends, so they can also learn about how to secure their wi-fi by WPA2 Password.

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