4 Awesome Tips for Designing the Brand Logo


If you are starting off with logo designing or trying to create a logo for your brand or business, Welcome.! Designing a logo may sound easy at first but if you want to design a logo that people will remember, it is not that easy. There are thousands of people here in this industry who just cannot give a logo worth the money you are paying. Branding Agency in Hyderabad So, how are you supposed to know who makes great logos and who make the crappy ones? And if you want to create a logo yourself, how to make one, that does not suck?

Well, all of these questions are going to get answered in this article, so let’s keep moving forward. Let’s discuss in brief about what conditions you should keep in mind before creating a logo.

1. Color is an important factor

Using the right color palette is the further most important thing which you should care about while designing a logo. Color is what hits you first in your eyes and thus creates a big impact on your customer or audience. The color palettes or the color choices are just not limited to some specific combinations but are more importantly dependent on your niche. Also, remember that each color has its very own meaning and it is seen to psychologically effects the customers to either get on board or just go away.

2. Make the logo unique

A logo is the first thing which differentiates your brand from the other brands. So make sure to keep the logo unique. “What’s important is to create something that you believe is different from anything already out there,” David Airey, a graphic designer, and author of website Logo Design Love says “It’s highly unlikely (some say impossible) that what you create will be original, but that should be the goal.” Once something is up on the internet is likely to get copied one way or the other. Creating a unique logo does not actually means to avoid the stuff which is already out there, but to create something out of the box getting inspired by what’s already there.


3. The Name is Everything

Before creating a logo, you must have an idea of what type of company are you dealing with and what it aims to provide. An average logo basically consists of two elements, 1) The name or the Word mark and 2) A Symbol or a shape briefly defining the company. If not these two elements only the name of the brand with a fancy font makes it all. The logo should be capable enough to represent the whole brand or the company by using only their name or max a Symbol or Shape.

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4. Keep it Simple

This is important to keep the logo simple to understand for your audience. No one likes to solve puzzles to understand a logo right? Moreover, it is important so that people can remember the brand while you advertise and try to reach more and more people for Brand Awareness. No one will remember the Brand Logo if it is too complex or too hard to understand.

Above Tips Will Surely Help You For Designing Awesome Brand Logo !! Thanks For Reading !


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