Student’s Tips for Cracking Campus Placement Interview

Student's Tips for Cracking Campus Placement Interview

The students who are in the last year of their college are thinking about their job. They want to enter into the corporate world by doing a job in a good company. What are the ways for the students to get a job? Thus, there are many ways, but most important ways are: campus placement or Walk-ins. Students who are doing engineering or MBA from a reputed college, have a high chance of campus placement. In students’ life, one of an important part is campus interview. When students comes in the last year of their engineering or MBA, they shift their focus to cracking the placement interview. They do lots of preparation to crack interview, their efforts are similar that they put for their final exams.

Getting a job through the campus placement is a golden opportunity for the students, if they get success in their interview, then they will get a good break in their career as well as they will have a job before leaving the college. There are many MBA colleges in Bangalore which arrange campus placement for their students. If you are a student of MBA or engineering and preparing for a campus interview, then here are some student’s tips for cracking campus placement interviews.

  • Research about a company specifically for which you are going to attend an interview. Check what are their requirements and on what they focus, like analytic part or technical part.


  • Prepare a short summary of your project or internship (If you are an engineering student then choose one language and learn the code to create programs by using that specific language).


  • Check the reviews of a company on the internet. There are some reliable sites like Glassdoor, on which you will know more about the interview process of the companies.


  • Some companies have a standard set of question (not applied for all companies). You can check it on the internet, it will help you to get the idea about the type of question they ask in the interview.


  • After doing a lot of research, now you have an enough idea about the company and its interview procedure. Now, you can prepare according to that as well as you can take the help of your seniors, who already attend the interviews in those companies.


  • Mainly, the first round in campus placement is GD (Group Discussion); it is conducted to evaluate the leadership skill in a candidate as well as to see the communication skill.


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  • Don’t be late – For your interview rounds, reach on time because HR never like the candidates, appearing late for the rounds.


  • Look confident, be relaxed and give all the answers with a smile.


  • Work on your communication level, try to answer instantly, but correctly and precisely.


  • Don’t lie during your interviews round.


  • Sometime interviewer appears rude, so at time be relaxed, keep yourself calm and don’t lose your focus, might be they are checking your patience level (it is highly required in the cooperative world). You can check some interview questions on .


  • Don’t get demotivated, if you don’t know answer of any question, then don’t get panic and demotivate. Keep a smile on your face and tell them politely that you don’t know about it and apologize for it.


  • Interviewers asked about your favourite subject, and on the basis of that subject, they will ask you the question. So prepare yourfavourite subject very well.


  • Keep 3-4 copies of resume with yourself.


  • At the end of your interview, you can ask about your feedback. It will help you to perform better in your next interviews.


  • Wear formal attires only and be confident and enthusiastic.


If you are a student of engineering, then you must have to focus on your technical subject. There are many engineering colleges in Pune, who conduct open campus placement for the students. In which, students of any college can participate.


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