6 Warning Signs Your Computer Is Infected By Virus Or Malware

6 Warning Signs Your Computer Is Infected By Virus Or Malware

So, you’ve just realized that it is taking too long for your files or computer apps to load? Or you suddenly start noticing annoying frequent, unexpected pop-up windows? Many times we just ignore the issue without realizing that it can be an indication of a virus or malware infection.

Yes, it can be a warning sign that your computer is infected with viruses or advanced malware. Not all viruses dramatically crash your machine. Instead, there are viruses or malware that can run in the background without even giving you any clue.

They creep around and wreak havoc on your system if not detected in time. Sometimes even a good antivirus fails to detect all the threats that invade your computer, but often your system gives hints that something is not right. Check your computer for the signs below to make sure your system is not at risk of a virus.

Slow Running Computer

A slow running system is the first and the most common symptom of a virus infection. If your operating systems and programs taking too long to start up or your data bandwidth is suspiciously slow, your PC may potentially have a virus.

But before immediately assuming that your computer has a virus, you should first check if there is any other cause for your computer to slow down. Check out the RAM storage to make sure that you’re not running out of RAM.  Also, check that there is no lack of space on your hard drive or damaged hardware issue.

Blue screen of death (BSOD)

If your PC crashes frequently and you see that ‘blue screen of death’, it’s quite possible that your system is victimized by a malware infection.

But before jumping right into the conclusion, make sure to clear out all other possible causes. Sometimes an incompatible driver issue also causes a system crash. But if none of these problems is apparent in your PC, a virus can be the culprit of system crashes.

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Unexpected Onscreen Ads

Unexpected pop-up windows are not only annoying, but it can be a sign of virus infection. So, it is advised not to click on a suspicious pop-up. Even if it screams out that ‘a virus is detected, ‘don’t click on it.

It is a kind of rogueware that asks you to pay for a program to eliminate a fake virus. However, it may allow even more malware to be downloaded.

Unrecognized Icons on Desktop

Noticing a sudden rise in the number of icons on your desktop and have no idea about these new additions? It is quite likely that your PC is infected with malware in the form of PUPs and PUAs. Such malware usually finds their way into your computer through free apps or software downloads from unknown sources.

Once installed, they can show potentially dangerous pop-ups, collect your personal information or create a number of icons on your desktop.

Disabled Antivirus or Firewall

If you find your antivirus disabled while performing a routine cleaning on your computer, chances are your PC is infected by malware. Many malware disables security systems to get into your machine and make room for new invaders.

So, if you see that your antivirus software is not functioning or the update module is disabled, reboot your system and antivirus. If the problem still exists, consult a security expert and switch to a better antivirus.

Unexpected Computer Behavior

Sometimes you just feel that your computer has started doing all kinds of strange things. Suddenly it stops responding to clicks or open files on its own.

This may be an indication that your computer has a virus. If you notice such suspicious activity, scan your computer for viruses.

Bottom Line

When it comes to virus or malware, it’s best not to take any chances. It is better to look for the early signs and take action to prevent the viruses from invading your computer. But before jumping into any kind of conclusion, make sure to check your system thoroughly.

If it is the RAM or other hardware that are causing problems, sell computer RAM or hardware and replace it with a new one to solve the issue. When you notice any of the above signs, scan your PC for viruses and reinstall the devices operating system to clear out the infection completely.


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