5 Tips for Picking Toys for the Best Childhood

5 Tips for Picking Toys for the Best Childhood

When the holiday season is around, the concern of every parent is normally how to keep children busy when they are at home. It is a time to keep children as busy as possible with minimal house chores and playing around with toys.

But sometimes picking the right toys for kids can be challenging. Different children have different interests. A toy that feels interesting to one child may not even elicit any excitement in another. That’s why it is important to select toys that are perfect for your child.

Here are five tips for picking the best toys for your children:

1. Pay attention to age grading on toy packaging

Toys are usually designed according to the age of a child. There are toys meant for toddlers and there are those designed for grown-up kinds. When shopping for toys, it is important to carefully read the information on the toy packaging. But this is not about how a child is smart or not, rather safety guidance is pegged on the developmental abilities of children at different ages.

You should consider the age of your child as well as his or her interest before deciding which type of toy to buy. Toy manufacturers are mandated to provide the correct information when packaging to guide parents.

2. Avoid toys with small parts for children under the age of three years

Although toys with smaller parts can be bought for older kids, they can be dangerous for children below the age of three years. This is because children at that age have the habit of putting almost everything they come across inside their mouths, hence posing a choking hazard for them.

In most cases, toys containing smaller parts are accompanied by warning labels on their respective packages. You should therefore give a closer look at such warning labels. In case you have both bigger and younger kids, ensure you store the toys separately.

3. L.O.L. Surprise Bigger Surprise

The L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise is one of the best toys for the best childhood experience. The toy offers a maximum unboxing experience to children of all ages. Your child will encounter more than 60 never-seen gifts including toy accessories.

There are two limited versions of L.O.L. Surprise dolls and each one of them has seven surprises, one limited edition with a surprise pet.

4. Buy toys that have volume control

Although toy manufacturers are supposed to adhere to safety standards that restrict sound levels, it is important to listen to toys with sound before purchasing them. This will ensure that you buy ones that are appropriate for your kids.

5. Buy toys based on your child’s interests

As mentioned earlier, not all toys will appear interesting to all kids. That’s why you should try to investigate what your child likes and doesn’t like before choosing a toy. For example, if your child loves pushing things around, then a toy car would be the most appropriate toy for him or her.

In general, toys play a crucial role in the development of children. That’s why you should try to pick the right toys for the best childhood.


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