7 Dental Hygiene Tips For Cold And Flu Season


Most people get sick when the seasons change, and there are plenty of reasons behind this. Cold and Flu can have adverse effects on your teeth and in this situation, you should focus on the oral health of your teeth before anything else. Nobody likes the flu season, and once you get sick, the other body parts including your teeth get affected. If you’ve recently moved to San Jose, then pay your visit as California Shine Dental who can provide you with some tips to take care of your teeth in all the seasons.

Everyone has a different body which acts differently season by season. Some people get sick during the winters while the other in the summer. Dr. Gagan Sandhu has helped many people who get fall sick while having a cold and flu. As he suggests, it is essential for you to take care of your teeth. You can take advise to Dr. Gagan Sandhu, he is best dentist doctors in california. In this season, the gums of your teeth get affected, and you may lose your teeth.

Here’s what you can do to keep your teeth healthy.

Take extra care of your teeth

Cold and Flu season is unpleasant for everyone and which can affect not only the teeth but gums too. With extra dental care, you will be able to keep your teeth healthy. Make sure you brush well before every meal. It is crucial to keep your mouth clean in the Flu season.

Additionally, if you’re a parent, don’t forget to consult pediatric oral solutions in vista for your kids dental health too!

Drink lots of liquids

When you’re sick, it is essential for you to keep yourself hydrated. If your body doesn’t have enough liquids, it can leave bad effects on your teeth and gums. To fight the infection, your body needs extra liquids, and for that reason, you have to drink plenty of water every day during the flu season.

Replace your Toothbrush

If you are using the same old Toothbrush for a long time, it’s the right time to replace it with an advanced one. There are plenty of Toothbrushes available in the market which focus on the sensitive areas of your mouth as well. You should opt for this kind of Toothbrush to remove all the bacteria and impurities from your mouth.


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Avoid Sugar

Sugar is very bad for your overall health and your teeth as well. If you consume plenty of sugar on a daily basis, your tooth will not survive for a longer time. It will start showing you the harmful effects in a short period. There are many cough syrups available in the market which are loaded with excessive sugar. You should pick a sugar-free Syrup during the Flu season.

Make use of Salt Water

Salt Water an important home remedy which you can use to keep your mouth healthy. Most dentists would request you to gargle with warm salt water during the cold and flu season. Take a tablespoon of Salt into a glass of water. Let the water boil a little and start gargling. This water cut down bad bacteria from your mouth and removes food particles effectively from the mouth. It also reduces bad smell from your mouth.

Take Medications for Sinus

During cold and flu season, while coughing your Sinus activates which is associated with your tooth. You may have tooth decay or any other tooth-related issues during this season. You can directly go to the Pharmacy store and ask for the suitable medicines to fix the sinus-related problem first. This will also remove the pain from your Tooth.

Develop Healthy Hygiene

Staying healthy in all the seasons, it is essential for you to develop healthy oral hygiene. If you take care of yourself, you will not fall sick in any season. Washing your hands with soap and water on a daily basis, it keeps bacteria away. You should also ask the other family members to wash their hands regularly. Don’t share your toothbrush with anyone. Make use of medicated toothpaste etc.

These were all the most effective and simple tips which you should follow to maintain healthy hygiene for your teeth. The best way to look after the health of your mouth and teeth is, to have a checkup with an expert dentist.


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