Top 7 Factors Impact the Eligibility for Small Business Loans

These 7 Factors Impact the Eligibility for Small Business Loans

Owning or running a business means that you should have a precise amount of working capital to make sure that all things get operated seamlessly. You should see the type of work you wish to do and get the business loan which meets the same. Launching a new business has lots of work behind it and one of the prime things which can break or make you is the type of business loan you might be eligible for.

Every lender has some business loan eligibility criteria and documentation for reviewing whether a small business must be given the loan or not. Hence, when you are seeking business loans, your business loans eligibility is highly crucial. The small business loan amount ultimately disbursed relies on some factors.

Check them out below:

Your experience in the business field

Lenders will definitely check how long you have been in the business sector and the market you are trying to get into. You should have at least 2 business operational years of experience in the sector to understand how it functions and come up with a detailed strategy for your business. This will help you convince the lender for a loan.

Your age

Age is one of the things you should look out for. In case you are younger than 25 years, you will find it difficult to get a lender that will want to provide you a business loan. The similar goes for anybody who is more than 65 years old. Age is a vital factor to get a business loan.

Documents required for a business loan

Your business loan eligibility also relies on the documents required for a business loan you submit. To get approval for a business loan, you have to submit residence and company ownership evidence, your account statement, profit and loss statement, proof of business operation of last 2 years, bank statement, income tax returns, and so forth. In case you meet all these criteria, you are eligible to borrow a business loan.


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The income of your business

Your business needs to make a good amount of money to make you eligible for borrowing a loan. So, this is one of the vital business loan requirements. In case your company is not producing sufficient money to repay the loan amount, you won’t be eligible for borrowing the loan.

Credit history and score

Your business’ credit history and score decide your business loan’s eligibility. And maximum lenders check this prior to approving your business loan application. Simultaneously they check whether a small business owner has a good personal credit score as well. Maximum lenders determine the interest rate, small business loan amount, and payback schedule on the basis of the business’ credit history and the credit score of the small business owner.

Financial performance of your business

Usually, lenders assess the financial wellbeing and functionality of a small business on the basis of its profit and loss account or income statement, cash flow statements, and balance sheet. These financial documents assist lenders to evaluate the financial functionality and capacity of a small business by assessing vital financial rations like operating margin, liquidity, and debt-to-equity.

Availability of collateral

Generally, traditional lenders like bank ask the small business owner to attach his assets as collateral for securing the business loan. If the borrower can’t pay back the loan on time, the lender can recover the credit by selling that collateral. Nevertheless, alternative lenders like Indifi provide collateral-free small business loans.

What’s more?

So, you might now know how to get a business loan in India by fulfilling all the business loan eligibility criteria. Lenders look for a creditworthy business while financing. So, ensure to make all credit repayments timely and boost your credit score. Also, work on your cash flow to get a powerful financial standing. Consider the aforementioned factors, so they cannot negatively impact your business loan eligibility.


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