7 Quick Tips For A More Organised Kitchen 

7 Quick Tips For A More Organised Kitchen

You may have shifted to a new house or want to buy more kitchen gadgets but you face one problem – limited storage. Kitchen is the most underrated space when builders are building apartments or houses. They generally tend to reduce the size of the kitchen for increasing the size of the adjacent bedroom or hall.

However, if you like cooking, you would be spending a lot of time in the kitchen making Quick And Easy Healthy Family Dinners. Because of lack of space, you may have to keep items and appliances over each other, which may look unorganised and cluttered. But using the simple tips mentioned below, you can organise your kitchen in a better way while making space for new equipment or crockery.

1 Declutter

Whether you are organising your bedroom, house, bathroom, or kitchen, the first step is to declutter. You may have unused equipment and kitchen tools gifted to you on your wedding or special occasions. Now, an ice-cream maker, air fryer, or rice cooker may not be of use for you. You may even come across unused cutlery sets or crockeries that you do not plan to use. You may even have bought some kitchen gadgets online that are of no use to you or have broken things in your kitchen.

Well, you must eliminate everything that you know you would not need. Divide three sections and put everything in usable, not-usable, maybe categories. Not-usable items need to be discarded and depending on your choice, you may keep the maybe items. Also check your shelves, fridge, and pantry to make sure all the expired food and drinks are thrown.

2 Invest In Uniform, See-Through Containers

If you store things in different containers that do not match with each other, your kitchen would automatically look chaotic. Instead of keeping varying containers in abundance, it is better to keep similar ones in lesser numbers. Furthermore, you can invest in containers that would go in the microwave, in the fridge, and even your dishwashers. Also, square and rectangle containers save more space.

These containers should be transparent so that you do not end up buying something twice. It is normal to forget what you have in your pantry and buy it again during your next grocery visit. If you have 2 quantities of the same thing, you may have to put them in separate containers, which will take up space.

3 Keep Similar Containers Together, Label Opaque Ones

If you do not want to buy a whole range of new containers, you can keep the existing ones more appealingly. Reorganise the way you keep them by segregating them based on their colour and keeping them together. Then, you can keep those containers in a specific part of your kitchen, such as fridge, shelves, pantry, table, etc.

You may have opaque containers too that you do not want to replace. So, to avoid confusion and make them look appealing, you can add beautiful labels on them. This way, you would know what is inside them as well as look less messy.

4 Use Unoccupied Spaces

There are generally unoccupied spaces in the kitchen. You may not reach the top shelf or the corner shelf. However, keeping them free would be wasting space. You can store less-used items in them or fill them with spare equipment or crockeries.

5 Divide Kitchen Into Zones 

You can divide your kitchen into several zones and then organise all the things according to the zone. For example, the cooking zone or the area near your stove should have oil, spices, salt, sugar, and all the things you use frequently while cooking. The cleaning zone or the area where you sink is placed should have space for keeping dishes. So, you can store dishes near the sink. Similarly, you can build consumable zone, where you will keep all the ingredients, a non-consumable zone that will store crockeries, and a preparation zone where you may keep equipment, cutleries, chopping board, etc.

6 Use Cabinet Doors

If your kitchen lacks space, you can use the cabinet door to hang things. You can paste stick-on hooks or put nails and then use them to hand lids, boards, spoons, knives, packets, etc. You can also paste your grocery and pantry list on the inside of the cabinets to keep a track of the items you have in your kitchen. 1 Stop Cabinets offers an elegant signature series of kitchen cabinets that you can choose from.

7 Buy Drawers And Partitions

Your cabinet space may be half empty due to its height. You can use that space by investing in drawers or huge containers. Then, you can store them on top of one another to utilise the space optimally. Similarly, buying drawer partitions would also help a lot. If your drawers do not have racks, the things kept inside can get mixed and look messy.

It is not necessary to buy new organisers to store things more harmoniously in your kitchen. You can even use old containers and boxes, paint them and cut them as per space and then use them.

The above-mentioned hacks are going to make your kitchen space appear more organised. This will save your time and effort too while you are working in the kitchen.


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