How to Make Money on Instagram?

instagram earning tricks

Instagram is the most popular photo and video sharing social networking platform to capture and share the moments of any interest. Created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010, it has become the preferred choice for sharing the special moments with the wide community of followers, friends and relatives etc. Within short period after its launch, it has become the life line for social media enthusiasts with personal and commercial interests.

Popularity of Instagram Makes It Money Making Platform

As of today in 2019, Instagram has more over 1 Billion active accounts every month. There are more than 500 Million+ instant active accounts every day. 64% of Instagram users belong to 18 – 34 years age group; the most influential buying decision makers. Brands followers’ growth increases 6% to 8% each month; it makes it a popular platform to sell and promote.

Instagram users, under 25 years age, spend at least half an hour daily over hear. Just 1 Hashtag with a brand delivers 12.6% more engagement. It hosts more than 8 Million business accounts while 80% of Instagram users follow a brand. Almost 60% users admit that they heard about a brand or products first on Instagram. Why am I sharing these jaw opening statistics? These Instagram statistics have hidden opportunities to earn money. Yes, it may be surprising but you can make money on Instagram.

Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Build a strong followership

The numbers of followers decide the viewership of content you post on any social media platform. The more followers you have, more you have chances to be seen; and, more are the chances of converting the leads into sales. Liking shared photos of others relevant to your niche, asking the people, socializing, running the quiz are some time tested ways to increase the followership at least to touch the 5,000 figure.

Reach the brands you want to work for

Many businesses regularly keep an eye over the social media influencers who could help to promote their content. Although some brands contact the influencers at their own but you too can reach the brands and companies to promote their products /services. Keep in mind, you are not alone for doing so, therefore, be competitive and professional with profile and contact information.

Affiliate marketing

As an affiliate, you sign up a contract with a company to sell its products. You earn a fixed % as profit for each sale that you make. Tracking links for each product or category are provided over your profile to facilitate for selling.

If somebody follows the link at your profile and makes the purchase, selling company come to know that the buyer came through your Instagram page; in return, you get money. Yes, you can affiliate one product at one time by having links in your posts. You use your posts for product promotion and selling by directing the followers with statement “link in profile”. Encourage the visitors to click the affiliate link. ClickBank, Amazon, RewardStyle, Sharesale etc offer affiliate products for Instagram influencers.


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Promote your business

Whatsoever size your business may be, Instagram is the best place to blow your trumpet. Like you work as an affiliate, you can work for self. If you are in the middle of a money budget  or financial crisis. When this problem occurs, you can easily look into quick loans from British Lenders a private direct lender in the UK.If you You need to promote the link of business website through your posts empowered by the eye-catching pictures of products.

You can post special offers to attract more numbers of potential buyers but remember 80-20 marketing rule that says that you should create at least four un-promotional posts to create one promotional post. Sharing the images of existing customers is also a good tactic to earn good money with increased leads and improved conversion rate.

Sell the photos

It is the best idea to earn some quick money by selling your professionally taken and cropped photos. You can earn by your passion for photography. Although the chances of getting good paying buyers are low but you succeed if you continue with commitment. The success rule is – make the photos realist. Vertical and horizontal photographs have better sales potential rather than square photographs. Some online marketplaces to sell your photographs are Foap, 500px and Twenty20.

Create sponsored posts

Creating sponsored posts for a particular brand or company is the most opted way to make quick money. To go ahead with this idea, you need the have sizeable followers relevant for the particular brands so that the brands could consider you suitable for marketing. Therefore, spend enough time for building up followership and engagement before contacting the brands.

The posts created just for marketing purposes drift the followers away. Each sponsored post must be valuable from the perspective of buyers- the latest information, offers, special discount, forthcoming products etc supported by images and videos.

Concluding Note :

The above mentioned tricks for making money on Instagram are working well but you too need to be strategic to get more followers and to retain the viewership. The increasing followership and volumetric viewership are must have qualifications to make money on Instagram. To simplify this task, post on regular basis, post quality content, complete your bio, use Hashtags and respond to followers for engagement.


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