Pacman 30th anniversary : What is it?

In May 2020, the world celebrated the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, one of the most iconic and beloved video games of all time. Created by Japanese game designer Toru Iwatani and first released by Namco in 1980, Pac-Man quickly became a cultural phenomenon and remains a cherished classic in the world of gaming.

But, how is it related to Google, and what does Google have to do with it? Let’s explore everything about Pacman 30th anniversary in this article.

What do you mean by Pacman 30th anniversary?

The Pac-Man 30th Anniversary refers to the celebration of the 30th year since the release of the iconic video game Pac-Man. Pac-Man, created by Japanese game designer Toru Iwatani and released by Namco (now known as Bandai Namco Entertainment) in May 1980, quickly became one of the most popular and influential video games of all time.

The 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, which occurred in 2010, was marked by various events, promotions, and celebrations worldwide to honor the game’s enduring legacy and cultural significance. These celebrations highlighted Pac-Man’s impact on gaming, pop culture, and society over the past three decades.

During the Pac-Man 30th Anniversary, fans organized events such as tournaments, cosplay contests, art exhibitions, and retro gaming parties to pay tribute to the iconic yellow character and his ghostly adversaries. Additionally, various merchandise, memorabilia, and special releases were launched to commemorate the milestone, including limited-edition collectibles, anniversary editions of the game, and themed merchandise.

The Pac-Man 30th Anniversary served as a nostalgic reminder of the game’s widespread popularity in the 1980s and its continued relevance in modern gaming culture. It celebrated Pac-Man’s enduring legacy as a beloved classic that continues to captivate audiences of all ages and inspire new generations of gamers.

A Game-Changer in Gaming History:

Pac-Man revolutionized the gaming industry with its simple yet addictive gameplay, colorful graphics, and memorable characters. Players controlled the titular character, a yellow, circular creature with a voracious appetite for pellets, as he navigated maze-like levels filled with ghosts.

Enduring Popularity and Cultural Impact:

Over the past three decades, Pac-Man has transcended generations and mediums, leaving an indelible mark on popular culture. The game’s iconic characters, including Pac-Man himself, the four ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde), and the cherries, have become instantly recognizable symbols in the world of gaming and beyond.

Pac-Man Fever:

Upon its release, Pac-Man sparked a cultural phenomenon known as “Pac-Man Fever,” with the game inspiring merchandise, spin-offs, cartoons, and even a hit song by Buckner & Garcia. The game’s influence extended beyond the gaming world, permeating mainstream media and leaving an indelible mark on popular culture.

Evolution and Adaptation:

In the years since its release, Pac-Man has continued to evolve and adapt to changing technologies and platforms. The game has been reimagined and re-released on numerous consoles, handheld devices, and mobile platforms, ensuring its accessibility to new generations of gamers.

Legacy and Recognition:

Pac-Man’s enduring legacy is evident in its continued relevance and recognition in the gaming community. The game has been included in numerous “best of” lists, retrospectives, and exhibitions, cementing its status as one of the greatest and most influential video games of all time.

Global Celebrations:

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, fans around the world organized various events and celebrations, including tournaments, cosplay contests, art exhibitions, and special releases. The anniversary served as a testament to the enduring popularity and cultural significance of the iconic yellow character and his ghostly adversaries.

What is Pac-Man?

Pac-Man is a game based on the user’s intriguing idea, which involves a round-shaped or pizza-shaped character that travels all around the maze and consumes the dots. This game was first introduced by a Japanese video game designer Toru Iwatani, on May 22, 1980, in Japan. Primarily, the doodle of this game was named as Puck-Man.

Although the development of this game began in 1979 it took only one year to complete. This game was licensed by Midway Games to distribute it in the United States. After five months, the Pac-Man 30th anniversary was released in the US It hit the gaming market right after and became one of the best-selling arcade games in the state.

How Pac-Man Influenced Google?

During the end of the 80s, Pac-Man acquired much success and sensation on a national level, but it remained a pretty challenging game for many users because it required its players to operate the cute yellow character around the maze, dangerous ghosts, and edible dots.

This classic arcade game was developed into a logo of pop culture. Yet, in 2004, Google introduced a new Pac-Man logo on its 24th birthday and since then its users celebrate it annually each year on January 30th during the beginning of the Spring.

Nonetheless, when it became widely known as an iconic gameplay, numerous people tended to identify the story behind its development. They came to understand the vital role of Pac-Man being played in Google as Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary.


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Pacman 30th anniversary – The Game Release

In 1980, Namco was the first Japanese company that introduce this brand-new arcade game. However, the purpose of developing this game was to involve as many people in the game as possible. Thus, it became tremendously fruitful in North America which resulted in the eventual popularity of this game. Pac-Man is a popular name in arcade games that deliver fun to its users and is known as one of the most iconic games of all time.

Pac-Man 30th anniversary consists of some cute, funny, and colorful characters that keep the users engaged. This user-interactive game has got a lot of Doodles and on-page animated designs that always keep its users excited. Anyhow, it is estimated that approximately one billion people pay for Pac-Man Google Doodle from all over the globe. It is the reason; Google has turned this logo into a real-time playable version.

Pac-Man is essentially a highly compelling game, that is accessible through PCs, smartphones, and tablets. This classic arcade game has been adding various parts to its game known as chapters. One of its parts is called Ghost Town, in which Scott describes his growing up in the arcade and his role in preserving it.

Stepwise Guide on How to Play Pacman 30th anniversary

People usually play arcade games to kill their boredom. That’s why Google Doodle has brought you the Pac-Man. So, whether you are waiting in a queue, getting bored at home, or sitting free in the office, Pac-Man is a worthwhile game.

Below is the stepwise procedure for installing and playing Pac-Man on your laptop or mobile.

Play Pac-Man on PC

  • On your computer, download and install BlueStacks.
  • Once it is installed, go to the search box and search for “Pac-Man.”
  • Install the Pac-Man.
  • To install it, sign in to your account and start installing.
  • When the installation process is complete, it will automatically be saved to your PC.
  • Open the file manager, go to “downloads” and start playing the game.

Play Pac-Man via Google Maps

On April 1, 2017, Google introduced a charming Easter egg, which enables Pac-Man users to play the game through Google Maps. But, how to play it?

Well, the process is simple!

  • Go to the Google Maps application and click on Pac-Man doodle design in the bottom left corner.
  • Now Google will identify your location and send you some zoomed-in locations with numerous routes.
  • These routes will assist you while playing Pac-Man 30th anniversary.
  • You can always switch from one route to another on the map.


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Vast Audience of Pacman 30th anniversary

It’s been decades since Pac-Man has been around and considered as a sensation for many users. However, this game comes with a pallet of several bonuses such as SNES and NES emulator attachments that can be used to play other vintage games on your PC or other smart devices. Essentially, this game has generated a revival in both real-life and retro arcade games. This is the major reason Pac-Man 30th anniversary is admired by millions of people.

Currently, Pac-Man has plenty of players from all around the world because of its simple user experience and user-friendliness. It only requires the player to press right, left, up, and down arrows to move the character and make it consume the dots. However, the purpose is to protect the character from the ghosts and make it eat as many dots as maximum. Anyhow, each round has specific scores that appear on the screen once the round is over. When all the dots are eaten by the Pac-Man, the game is over and you get a life.

As per Record Research Inc., probably more than 30 million Pac-Man machines have been sold worldwide since 1980. Millions of people play Pac-Man on their Pac-Man arcade machines and thousands of Pac-Man 30th anniversary are presently available in stores now.

Incredible Facts About the Pacman 30th anniversary

The reason behind the success of the Pac-Man 30th anniversary is not only because of its simple gameplay and fun experience, but it also comprises some versatile facts that make its users go crazy. Therefore, I have mentioned these facts and specifics below:

About the Gameplay

The Pac-Man gameplay is quite straightforward. Pac-Man is the name of a round-shaped yellow character. You have to help it eat the dots through the maze while escaping from the ghosts.

  • You would get four power pallets on each corner of the maze that help you defuse the ghosts.
  • As you progress in the game, the speed of the ghosts will increase and this is the time to move the Pac-Man wisely.
  • The game becomes complex upon reaching the 256th level.
  • You can also eat the ghosts but with time. Yet, the time to eat them also diminishes.

Obtaining the Maximum Score

In 1999, Billy Mitchel was the first person who achieve the highest score on Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary. It was 3,333,360, which is still an unbreakable record till today.

The Kill Screen – Level 256

When you reach level 356th of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary, your real struggle will begin since you will encounter a split screen. In this level, the right side of your game will turn into a jumble of dots, numbers, fruits, and ghosts that may make the player muddled. For many users, the kill screen becomes intense.

About the Pac-Man Ghosts

The Pac-Man ghosts come in four various colors with different names and speed levels:

Ghost Colors Japanese Names American Names
Orange Otoboke Pocky
Red Oitake Shadow
Cyan Kimagure Bashful
Pink Machibuse Speedy


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Pacman 30th anniversary – The Final Words

Pac-Man is a classic arcade video game, which is also known for its 30th anniversary, which was first released in Japan in 1980. Nonetheless, this arcade game has been under the spotlight for several decades because of its versatile gameplay and interest-based levels.

In addition to this, the objective of this game is to help the Pac-Man eat all dots/fruits throughout the maze while saving it from the ghosts as well. Although it may sound much easier, doing so is pretty hard. Since you must consume all the dots while the ghosts get speedy and catch you. If you get hit or caught by any of the ghosts, you will lose a life. Moreover, as you proceed to further levels, the game becomes more complex.

Other than that, some of the levels of Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary are complicated in a way that when you start eating dots, one of the dots becomes an apple which can only be collected by relocating it to the bottom of the maze. While moving the apple, you’ll face numerous challenges such as ghosts and routes. Eventually, the points are calculated based on the apple you collected.

Pac-Man 30th Anniversary is a fast-paced game that seems pretty complicated at first but as you begin to play you get to know about its tricks. Currently, Pac-Man has earned its repute as one of the most challenging arcade games.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t played this game, don’t miss it. I can guarantee you; that once you have started playing it, you won’t understand where time has gone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many levels does the Pacman 30th anniversary have?

There are a total of 256 levels in the Pac-Man 30th anniversary.

Can I master Pac-Man gameplay?

Absolutely! But to master the Pac-Man game, you need to identify how the game works and learn some tricks. Since the ghosts move in a certain pattern and follow you. However, you need to escape from these ghosts. Remember, the red ghost is the fastest and smartest one. So, make sure to keep a keen eye on it.

What fruits can be found in Pac-Man?

There are multiple fruits in the Pac-Man 30th anniversary, which include apples, oranges, cherries, strawberries, melons, keys, bells, and a galaxy starship. When you reach the Key, the fruits of the Pac-Man game do not change anymore throughout the rest of the levels.

How much does the genuine Pac-Man machine cost?

Although a Pac-Man machine is available in so many varieties on the market, you may find the original one pretty expensive. They were sold for $2,400 which is equal to $7,000 as of today. Genuine Pac-Man machines have become rare but are in high demand.

How many Pac-Man video game varieties are there?

There are Pac-Man video games named Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Pac-Mania, Ms. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, and Pac & Pal.

What are the tricks to beat Pac-Man?

You can adopt various tricks and hacks to beat the Pac-Man. among them, the most common one is to complete all 256 levels efficiently. However, this can only be achieved by eating all the dots and swallowing ghosts at each level, which is a pretty complicated task. Yet, this task has been accomplished by a few players, Billy Mitchell in 1999 and later by David Race, who accomplished the same goal yet in a shorter period.

Another means to beat the Pacman 30th anniversary is to obtain the maximum score of 3,333,360 points and break the record. This can be executed by consuming each dot on every level. Besides, make sure to avoid being hit by ghosts.