Top 10 Games like Harvest Moon

Top 10 Games like Harvest Moon

What is Harvest Moon?

Video games are popular, even in today’s times, even after the onslaught of games on phones.Many of the people love the farming games which are the craze since a lot of time. One of the best games is Harvest Moon. If you don’t know it already – which is not likely, given the popularity of the game – it is a legendary game of farming, where you maintain your animals, including birds and fishes as well and take care of crops you sow.The story behind the name is quite unique – it is known that farmers in the Northern Hemisphere took help of the moon’s light on autumn evenings, to bring the crop back at home, thus referring to it as the ‘Harvest Moon’. The name is quite catchy and after listening to this story, it just makes more sense.

It was developed by Amccus, to be compatible for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system. The game has been a big part of everyone’s childhoods and now, over 14 spin-off games under the Harvest Moon series has been established till date. It means that it is an immersive, beautiful and expansive setup, with levels and so much more fun and exciting features.

Best alternatives for Harvest Moon Game

Stardew Valley

First of all, Stardew Valley is available on variety of platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and not to forget, Android and iOS. The story in game begins with you inheriting a small piece of overgrown land from your grandfather, that you have to slowly change into a lush and beautiful farm. This game goes one step ahead by allowing same-sex relationship in the romance arc provided in the game – now that’s progressive! If you are looking for games like harvest moon and even same-sex marriage, then you have landed on the right option.


Plantera employs the system of Super Mario – it is a side-scrolling game. If you can’t digest the fast-paced, intricate details of Harvest Moon, then Plantera is the game for you. It has a nice farming and gardening game, where you can take care of animals and grow nice trees and fruits. Once your garden gets bigger, you have the ability to hire new helpers to help you in all the farming and gardening works. These helpers work even after you exit the game, which makes it even easier. There are not many features to this game; it is fun and simple to the core. It also happens to be one of the best options to explore if you have a busy schedule.


When we talk about games like harvest moon for android, then the first game that comes to mind is Stardew Valley. The game provides you ways to explore, build, dig and fight in the provided environment. This immersive game focuses more on dangerous caves, filled with necessary resources and sometimes, treasures even. These items can be inventoried and therefore, you have to be creative always to keep crafting new items. The game is thrilling and will hook you for hours at a time!


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Miramagia has some additional elements, along with the usual farming aspect. It is immersive enough, where you maintain your farm along with indulging in some secretive and special magic. You get to choose from four classes provided – Mage, Rogue, Shaman and Druid. Raise animals or dragons; it’s up to you. Create your own space within your town and make it a beautiful part of the Miramagia world.

Farm Up

Farm Up is available on both mobile phones as well as PC and as the name suggests, it is a fun farming game. One thing you have to look after in this is the constant maintenance of cash flow, which can be achieved with the help of rearing animals and growing healthy crops. There is also an energy source which you have to care for and since it is limited, you have to use the resources disposed at you in a proper and cautious manner.You can, however, wait for the energy to refill or just pay for it. It is a fun game, just like Harvest Moon.

Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 gives off an Anime vibe, but the storyline is quite unique. There are dungeons, farms and unique marriage system, as is there in Harvest Moon. The additional element here is the dungeon – otherwise all the other elements are quite similar. Here, you have to pay more attention to crafting, which will grow intricate with each level. You also happen to be the price/princess of the world – you’ve got the power!

World’s Dawn

World’s Down resembles games like harvest moon on steam, but the user interface is quite different than the other alternatives given here. It has a seaside village, where you can be a full-time farmer. The natural beauty in the game is what increases the appeal. If not a full-time farmer, you can choose other works to do, according to your preferences. There is an option of developing your romantic arc, when you are not growing crops and food. Social interaction can also be established, giving it a human touch. It is an immersive and fun game.

Hay Day

Hay Day is a much popular game, since it is available on smartphones systems too – iOS and Android both. It has actually gotten 4/5 stars, with having more than 10 million users absolutely loving this game. It might be a free to download game; however, there are in app purchases, primarily where you have to download some items essential for the game. Growing your farm, dock reparation, fishing, trade with neighbours – these are some of the many things you can do while playing the game. If you need a good farming game, then Hay Day is probably one of the best options.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing is a big enough game for people to know and play frequently. It is continuously updating new installments of the game and one of the popular ones – and also one of the best alternative games for harvest moon– is the New Leaf. The basic storyline is you become a mayor of the town by mistake and now you have to step up the game. This version provides even more powers than the older games, which makes it all the more exciting. People gravitate to this game because of the customization options. It can only be played on Nintendo 3DS.

Funky Barn

An exclusive Nintendo 3DS and Wii U game, funky barn is actually a cool rendition of its own name. It is a barn game and it is funky! Here you have to maintain your barn, by properly doing the farming and keeping the animals healthy and happy. It is a light-hearted game of farming, where you don’t have to check minute by minute on the progress of your game – you can take it easy here. One of the best harvest moon games, Funky Barn is that kind of a crazy game where you can just have fun and enjoy the even crazier activities that are thrown in front of you.

Harvest Moon is a beautiful game, to which attached are hundreds of memories. These alternatives are perfect too and they offer their own elements for you to create new memories! Also if you are looking for best android car racing games for playing online then click here to find it.


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