Amazing Facts about YouTube Vanced

Amazing Facts about YouTube Vanced

Know here some Amazing Facts about YouTube Vanced

Everyone around the world is pretty much aware of the online and easiest ways of entertainment. YouTube has always been on the top of the list of online entertainment for free. From continental recipes, catering knowledge about different things, enlightening oneself with facts to DIY gift ideas, tutorials, and ample more to be added to the never-ending list- YouTube has been a savior to everyone once in a while in their lives.

As every software and application gets updated now and then; there is no difference in YouTube as well. Recently, there has been the latest upgrade of YouTube into YouTube Vanced launched in the market. And it has already become a sensation. There is so much more to explore in this new version of YouTube- YouTube Vanced. Check out below the exclusive salient features of this new aura of the application. YouTube Vanced can be said to be YouTube’s best and highest performance, setting it apart from others for its customizable features and options.

Characteristics of YouTube Vanced

Since the time it has been announced, people have gone excited since then. Hence, it does not take much time to become the sensation of the online viewers and virtual visitors. Some of the most exclusive and alluring features of this site are illustrated below-

1: A Built-in Default Ad-blocker

Ads have played a crucial role in streaming, downloading, or enjoying contents online. For creating online content, advertisements play a vital role. However, when it comes to viewers, they rarely like these ads. Repetitive ads break the charm, intensity, or sincerity of the videos. Hence they are undesired. YouTube Vanced has been associated with inbuilt ad blocker settings, which the users can toggle to set the contents as per their terms, without irritating breaks.

2: Playback in the Background

Previously, it was not possible to run music on YouTube except keeping the app open on your device (especially mobile). Only, YouTube Premium had the option to play music/ contents even outside the app on the screen. YouTube Vanced also provides the same feature. Hence, with YouTube Vanced, the user can enjoy the music by minimizing the app on screen while doing work. Another feature: one can even turn the screen off to feel the pleasure from audio-only.


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3: Force HDR Mode

HDR (High Definition Range) is one such quality that is a very selective feature for equipment. There are many mobiles and other devices where this HDR mode is inactive or not present. However, having YouTube Vanced, the feature can be forced by the app. In such a way, the user can enjoy their favorite content on YouTube in high definition (HD) quality.

4: Preferable Resolution and Speed

This new version of YouTube Vanced gives the users the control of power. Here, the user can fix and select their speed of the videos along with the resolution of the video they are watching. There is a range of HD rip to 240p to 480p to 720p to 1080p in quality of the video. Also, it does not become a default setting as one can change and set the speed and quality in every single video.

5: Manual handling of brightness and Volume

There is a provision of setting the brightness and volume for this app, in its newest version. One can enjoy hassle-free videos while putting the brightness and volume in auto mode; especially when the person watches the video on full screen and when there is a loud noise in the video.

6: Log in through Google

Google logging in by the user is safer to check the subscription, history, download and recommended videos through the YouTube Vanced.

7: Maximum Resolution

Here the user can enjoy the resolution of the video at such a level that is not allowed in their devices.

Difference between YouTube and YouTube Vanced

Find below what makes YouTube Differ From YouTube Vanced.

  • YouTube needs to be open in front of the screen to keep the application actively performing; YouTube Vanced can be running in the background, even when the app is minimized.
  • In YouTube, it is not possible to stop ads from playing; in YouTube Vanced, it is possible to skip/stop the ads in between or at the beginning of the videos.
  • YouTube has no theme; YouTube Vanced has two- black theme and a dark theme.
  • The HDR feature in YouTube is absent; hence it can’t control the video quality. In YouTube Vanced, it is possible.
  • YouTube plays the resolution as per the device’s set resolution; YouTube Vanced can play videos in their highest quality even when the device does not support that.
  • The playback volume and brightness in YouTube are not possible to control; In YouTube Vanced, it is possible.

Benefits of having YouTube Vanced APK downloaded:

Below are some of the most captivating benefits one can have for having YouTube Vanced on their device.

Global Identity

Having one’s channel in YouTube Vanced can connect the person around the whole world irrespective of regional, geographical and identical differences. If one has content, they can share it through this platform and can become an international icon without even leaving their home.

Income Source

In this post-modern world, there is ample opportunity to earn money. When someone owns their channel on YouTube; they can start earning money by the likes, ads, and many other things added to their videos.


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Creativity on Top Priority List

If a person has something to give- skill, knowledge, idea, there will be no shortage of audience for them. Hence, it is a good platform to make videos and contents of one’s own and share them with the whole world to enlighten them.

Reputation and Image

Before drawing an audience, it is important to make one’s reputation and image. With YouTube Vanced APK downloaded on their device, it will be an amazing active promotional platform. When such a profile will be promoted on such a reputed platform, one will take a glance at it; this will be the image be formed on the public platform.

Provides Relevance

As people are extensively using this platform to download videos regularly; if one thinks he/she can cater to something the world needs; nothing is better than YouTube Vanced.

Reasons to Use the YouTube Vanced

Find below some reasons to using Youtube Vanced :

Style of Windows

As the user can minimize the screen and do their stuff while enjoying the music playing in the YouTube background; YouTube Vanced is the best app to download.


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Repeat Mode

In YouTube Vanced, one can listen to their favorite song on loop for hours; without even opening the window.


Who does not want to enjoy the videos without the ads! Only YouTube Vanced can provide this unique and exclusive feature.

Controlling Features

From Video quality to playback speed, from brightness to volume while watching videos full screen-all can be manhandled here; with auto mode-only available in YouTube Vanced.

HDR quality

With this exclusive quality, one can enjoy the highest resolution of the video they are playing even when their device does not support that high resolution.

Hence, with YouTube Vanced, it is both a win-win situation. With such unique and exclusive features, this YouTube Vanced can grow more popular than YouTube was. 


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