Top 6 Best apps to track and manage your daily routine in 2022

Best apps to track and manage your daily routine

Find here the list of 6 Best apps to track and manage your daily routine in 2022

My perception of people who stay organized is very good. My father was one of those people who used to eat, sleep, and work according to a strict routine. The best advantages that I noticed quite early due to his time management were sound health, productivity at work, and a lot more time for all of us as compared to other men who were generally unorganized.

Stephen R Covey, in his best-seller book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” says, Ineffective people live their day to day life with unused potential.” Having a well-set routine is the key to stay more productive.

Back when my father was working, the technology wasn’t developed enough to help people who wanted to stay on track with their daily routine. They relied on old school ways such as maintaining a diary, alarm clocks, whiteboards, and sticky notes to keep organized.

But here we are, in the era that has left behind all the yesteryears in terms of technological advancements. We now have numerous helpful tools, software, and apps that help us coordinate our work-related and personal life tasks very efficiently. These apps are designed in a way to help you with time management, scheduling, reminders, and many other features that can help skyrocket your productivity.

Relationship between an organized routine and productivity

Refer to the graphs below to assess what time of the day and what days of the month are proven to be more productive than others. You can set your daily routine around the highest productivity levels to get the most out of your day.

Apps for routine management

To help you get started, here is a list of the best apps that you can download right away and reap the benefits of a well formed routine.

Loop Habit Tracker

If you are looking to take up healthy habits and have a hard time staying consistent with them, the Loop Habit Tracker is the app for people like you.

It is a well-designed app that lets you achieve your desired goals by keeping track of your healthy habits and showing how strong you have been with them. The tracking works, like if you missed any habit for a day, it would show a weak strength while being regular with it, shows it is strong.

Complete with reminders, habits insights in the form of graphs, and offline use, this app is best in respecting the user’s privacy and is totally free.

Sleep Cycle App

Guilty of sleeping late due to extended use of your phone last night? Most of us are pretty much in the same boat.

Adequate sleep is a vital step towards a healthy lifestyle. An irregulated sleep pattern can harm your physical and mental health in many ways. Increased use of devices at nighttime makes matters even worse and take away precious hours of sleep.

The sleep cycle app tracks your sleep schedule, which can be of immense help if you are struggling with that. The app can be downloaded both on Android and iOS. Besides analyzing your sleep and waking you up with an alarm, the app shows interesting sleep statistics to help you stay informed.


Streaks is a top-rated iOS app for habit development. You can set your goals for the day and leave it to the app to ensure that you stay on track with them. Along with the tasks you selected, the app will automatically track your vitals, such as the heart rate, daily steps, blood pressure, and much more.

The statistics shown by the app keep the user motivated to yield better results. If you start using this app regularly, you will soon notice a remarkable change in your daily routine.


If you want efficient work management, team collaboration, and sorting out individual projects smoothly, Trello is the app for you. Individuals and companies who use this app to manage tasks swear by their role in improving task management and achieving the desired goals.

The app’s interface runs with a board and card system. Each board can be specified for a project with the designated team added to it. Each card in a board can be assigned for a particular task, and you can add a custom label to it as well. Members can send and receive feedback directly on the card, making project completion a lot more streamlined.

Rescue Time

Just like an efficient team lead who watches over his juniors to check whether they are productive or not, the Rescue Time app helps you with the much needed productivity boost. It shows your online activity to assess how much time you used productively and how much of it got wasted.

The app is excellent at managing schedules by keeping distractions at bay. So much so that it can even block the go-to websites that you often use when you get distracted. It efficiently helps you reach your goals in the given time.

Just a piece of advice here. Whenever you opt for an app make sure that the experience is a seamless one like that of airG scam free apps. This will help you make the most of your time rather than getting irritated or wasting your precious hours.


Managing finances is a demanding task that requires precision as well as timely documentation. Harvest app can be of immense help if you want a secure app that aids in time management and handling your billing and invoices on time.

The app not only ensures project management and completion on time; it also checks whether the project is within the set budget to avoid extra expenses. You will be able to track each project from beginning to end while remaining stress-free about the payments.

Final Word

Your work output, as well as the day to day family life, is shaped according to your schedule. If you straighten out your routine and abide by it, it can do wonders for your personal development. Consequently, you will have a better professional and social life and an enhanced sense of contentment.

Try one of these apps and witness the improvement in your life by staying more organized, more efficient, and of course, a lot more relaxed.


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