BED SHEETS- The Bedroom Staple!

BED SHEETS - The Bedroom Staple

A good night’s sleep is all that we crave after a long tiring day. Erratic sleep schedules and insomnia are adding up to our daily battles, thanks to our sedentary lifestyle and poor sleeping habits.

Do you even realize that the bedroom is that sweet spot of the house where we spend most of our time post a hectic day? Six to eight hours! Isn’t that crazy! 

A bedroom is not just a sleeping space, it is a space that uplifts our mood and ensures that our body is well-rested and our mind is rejuvenated. In a well-kept bedroom, we tend to have a good night’s sleep and wake up bustling with energy, all set to wage our daily battles.

However, in a poorly made space, we feel extremely tired and drained. It is important to personalize your sleeping space according to your personality and convenience. 

Personalization and Decorating not only make your room beautiful and pretty but also makes your bedroom space cozy and warm, helping you to sleep better and stress-free.

Basic elements of a bedroom are a bed, mattress, blankets, curtains, and pillows. These five things are inevitable and are literally found in any bedroom.

The most important and basic element one can find in a bedroom is bed sheets or bed covers. Want to know more about your bed sheet? Keep reading!

All you got to know about  bed sheets 

Bed sheets or bed covers or bed linens are rectangular pieces of clothing used to cover or wrap the mattress of your bed. Their main purpose is to offer protection and comfort.

They are lots varieties of bed sheets available in a broad range . The sheets differ in colors, prints, fabric, size, thread count, and weaves. Traditionally, sheets were made of cotton, and then came the era of linen. Nowadays, bed sheets are made of a single fabric or a blend of fabrics.

Clean and crisp bed sheets bring a world of a difference. That being said, bedsheets can easily make or break the look of your room. For daily usage, you can go for simple and durable ones, whereas for special occasions you can invest in premium and high-quality bed sheets.

Flat sheets are just rectangular sheets that cover the mattress superficially but don’t fit the mattress snugly. Fitted bedsheets, however, are provided with elastics and drawstrings that help to secure the sheets to the mattress tightly and prevent the sheet from moving and popping off the mattress. 

5 unique styles of bedsheets to amp up your bedroom 

Solid bed sheets 

Bedsheets are available in a wide range of solid colors. Solids are widely preferred for the minimalist appeal they bring to a room. Neutral and warm tones, pastels, and whites go well with your Scandinavian themed bedroom.

Ruffled bed sheets  

Ruffled bed sheets or bed skirts are designed with beautiful ruffles and adds a vintage charm to your bed. Are you somebody who loves fairytales? Are you having a princess theme in your mind? Ruffled sheets are all that you need!

Printed sheets 

These pieces are printed with unique designs and motifs. The popular prints one can find in a sheet include geometrics, abstracts, checks, and florals. Checkered prints are ideal for an English themed bedroom.

Tie and dye bed sheets 

These quirky pieces are made by a unique tie and dye technique. They have a rustic charm. Planning to have a bohemian themed bedroom? Then, tie and dye sheets are your best friends!

Embroidered bed sheets

These beauties are chic and elegant. Beautiful embroidery is seen all over the bedsheets. They literally add a pop of color to your room.    

Bed sheets and fabrics 

Bedsheets are made of different material and fabrics,

Here’s a list of fabrics that are used to make bedsheets

  • Cotton
  • Linen 
  • Poly-cotton
  • Nylon
  • Satin
  • Silk 
  • Rayon 
  • Flannel
  • Knit 

Out of all the fabrics, cotton is the popular choice owing to its softness, durability, and cooling effect, cotton bed sheets are inexpensive too.

Tips to consider while buying your bed sheet :

  • Pick the right color and prints. 
  • It is ideal to Avoid busy prints.
  • Check the fiber content and thread count.
  • Choose the right fabric according to your taste and preference. 
  • It is recommended to use skin-friendly fabric.
  • Ensure to select the right size that is apt for your bed. 
  • Finally, ensure that the bedsheet goes well with the theme of your room. 

Where to buy the right sheet for your bed?

You can order your bedsheet online by mentioning your specifications and requirements and get it delivered within a few days or weeks or you can consider walking into a store that retails home furnishing, bedding, and linen. You can also get your bedsheets personalized and custom-made too. 


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