Beginner’s Guide to Choosing your own Cycling Knicks

Beginner’s Guide to Choosing your own Cycling Knicks

There are plenty of choices for men’s cycling knicks available on the market. Each one is designed according to the different needs of cyclists. There are severe and fit riders who cycle almost every single day while there are casual cyclists who love the feeling of cycling.

What are Cycling Knicks?

Cycling Knicks, also known as cycling shorts, are skin-tight legwear typically tailored to improve the efficiency and comfort of the user while cycling. Regular men’s cycling knicks are easier to get in and out whenever the user wants to take a break or change. Several cyclists wear cycling knicks since it is lightweight and more comfortable to wear.

Cycling knicks are commonly made up of tight Nylon or lycra to remove any sweat and prevent any rubbing. They are more aerodynamic and lightweight than standard cotton shorts, with paddings for extra comfort between the saddles.

Since there are plenty of men’s cycling knicks on the market, here’s a quick guide on how to choose the proper cycling knicks for you:


Cycling Knicks are made up of various fabrics. Fabrics themselves have evolved with newly developed nylon fibres that could easily stretch and provide more comfort to the cyclist.

The most commonly used fabrics are Polyester and Nylon. Polyester cycling knicks are more colourful and softer than Nylon cycling knicks, while Nylon cycling knicks have a rugged and great fit. Both polyester and Nylon are knit with spandex. Always choose cycling knicks with a high amount of spandex content since it will determine the stretch of your knicks.

The higher the amount of spandex, the higher the stretch. A good combination would be 20% Spandex and 80% Nylon.

Pad Quality

One notable factor that you should always consider is pad quality when choosing men’s cycling knicks. Every pad has sections and grooves that allow the pad to move better along with your body.

A good quality pad has more sections and shaping that will help you have a better move. Aside from the quality of the padding, the thickness of the padding is just as important. Some pads will have thinner padding for better breathability and racing performance.

Some pads will feature thicker padding for added comfort, and some use thinner ones for better race-day performance and breathability.

Overall Fit

The fit of cycling knicks has a wide range from loose casual to compression fit. There are various types of cycling knicks, but ultimately, the best overall fit for every cyclist is the one that offers a snug and comfortable fit.

With stretchy clothing like cycling knicks, it’s easy to get the size wrong. It would be best if you always aimed for a snug and overall good fit. Knicks themselves should always be snug but not too tight that it would become uncomfortable on the cyclist and so loose and stretched that it would be excessive.

Buy the Cycling Knicks that’s right for you

Each feature of the cycling knicks is built around the cyclist’s needs and function who is using it. There are different kinds of cyclists on the road, so there are many types of cycling knicks.

Several people have turned to biking to pass the time, transportation, and even a sport. One of the factors which affect the experience of the cyclist is the clothing that he wears.


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