4 Things You Need To Know about Kobe jersey 

4 Things You Need To Know about Kobe jersey 

Basketball is a sport loved by many. Many love watching the game and some others play this marvellous sport. True that playing basketball can help improve one’s self-confidence. It also helps to build stamina and burn some calories. Wearing suitable clothes for playing is a part of the game. So, wearing a jersey while playing basketball has become common these days. But be it the players or the audience in the gallery, there would be no one who would not want to have a Kobe jersey! It is an emotion to people all over the world who love basketball.

Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player who almost everybody would know. He spent twenty years of his life playing this most renowned game. Being a player in the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe was a star of the team and the entire game. Like every other celebrity, Kobe’s jersey duplicates were highly demanded by his fans. They wear these jerseys to the match and do great cheering. But unfortunately, the game saw its most significant loss when Kobe died in a helicopter crash last year. From then, every basketball lover would want to have that jersey.

How to pick an authenticated jersey?

Since Kobe’s death, many wanted to have the jersey of the Black Mamba. So the market saw many fake jerseys, and many even bought them for great prices. It is always necessary to check if such products are authentic. True that anyone may feel hyper about having that jersey in their closet. It is necessary to pick the real one. For anyone who knows nothing about how the first copy of a Kobe jersey looks and yet wants to buy one, here are some guidelines. Check for the jersey’s


Kobe Bryant authentic jerseys are purple and gold. This jersey holds almost every great moment that Kobe had in his career. When Kobe was eighteen, he wore this purple jersey winning the Slam Dunk contest. So, always remember to check for this colour before making a buy.


Every player would have a unique number for themselves. Identifying a player would be possible with these numbers during a match. A player’s jersey has this number printed. An authenticated Kobe Bryant jersey has the number printed ’24’. Some jerseys have the number ‘8’, but they aren’t the genuine Kobe Bryant jersey. It is so because Kobe started his career with the number 8 jersey, but it’s the number 24 that he had for his distinguished basketball career. Though there are confusions about which number is the genuine jersey, the number 24 jersey is the authentic one considered by many.

3.The fabric

One also has to look at the jersey’s material before buying it. The genuine Kobe Bryant jersey is made exclusively from polyester mesh. Almost all NBA jerseys involve the usage of this fabric for their making. The jerseys also have side vents like most of the others.

4.Minute details

There are other fine details that a genuine Kobe Bryant jersey must-have. Like the Los Angeles Lakers graphic logo on the front. The name ‘Bryant’ and number ’24’ on the backside.

The death of Kobe Bryant has brought the great legacy to an end. He is an astounding player as he won 5 NBA titles. But there are thousands of authentic Kobe Bryant jerseys one can get online. Having the jersey of the Black Mamba will make him live in the hearts of many fans forever. Thus, it is fashionable to have the Kobe jersey, but only if it is authentic!


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