Blocked Drains: Horrifying Effects on Your Health and Property

Blocked Drains Horrifying Effects on Your Health and Property

Owning a home comes with plenty of responsibilities. You need to ensure that every corner of the house is functional and in proper order. Unfortunately, there are instances when something gets broken or malfunctioning. One of the most common household disturbances is blocked drains. It can cause everyone at home a lot of stress and headache.

Aside from the negative impacts that it can give to your property, blocked drains may also affect your health and everyone in the household. Here are some of the most problematic effects of a clogged drain in your life.

Effects on Health 

There are numerous adverse effects of blocked drainages on the health and wellbeing of everyone at home. One of the most obvious ones is its capacity to boost the growth of bacteria indoors due to the stagnant water buildup. These bacteria may cause a wide range of diseases and may induce allergies. If you continue to use the sink above the clogged drainage, you will put yourself and your housemates at risk of contracting viruses and other pathogens.

Also, the contaminated water can turn into a threat if it stays stagnant in the pipes. It can speed up the growth of water-born bacteria such as Legionella. It can cause different types of illnesses like chest pain, cough, and difficulty breathing.

Another bacteria called Helicobacter pylori may also accumulate in blocked drainage systems. If you get exposed to these bacteria, you may put yourself and those living on your property at higher risk of peptic ulcers.

Unpleasant Odour

Another problem that may arise if your deal with clogged drains is the pungent odour that comes with it. This situation stems from the accumulated water in the pipes. The stagnant water will eventually emit unwanted smells that could make it uncomfortable for you to stay at home.

Aside from the discomfort brought by the foul smell, it may also cause irritability and headache to you and your family. As a result, you may feel tired and anxious all the time.

Attracts Pests and Moulds 

Pesky insects love to live in moist areas. They usually thrive in stagnant water, and blocked drains can serve as their favourite breeding and living grounds. These areas can also generate moulds and mildew.

If these organisms suddenly multiply in your home, you will put yourself and everyone at risk of acquiring pest-related illnesses. Disease-carrying mosquitoes can bite anyone at home, especially those who spend more time indoors. The moulds can also damage the structure of your home if you do not address them immediately.

Aesthetic Damages 

Aside from health and structural problems, clogged drainages can also affect the beauty and design of your property. The water stains can discolor the paint of your home, which can have an adverse effect on the overall appearance of the house. It will become a major problem if you plan to sell your home as soon as possible.

Blocked sinks and drainages can be a major headache for any homeowner. It is not only a property problem, but it can also turn into a huge nightmare for anyone living with you at home. If you do not address it as soon as it happens, it will cause more damage in the long run.

So make sure that all your drainages are working properly. As much as possible, have your pipes checked and cleaned by professionals regularly. You must also keep the number of your trusted plumber on hand so you can instantly give them a call in case one of your drainages gets clogged.


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