Top 10 Benefits of Integrating  Chatbots with your Website

Top 10 Benefits of Integrating  Chatbots with your Website

Michael Mauldin, (creator of the first Verbot) formulated “Chatbot” in 1994 to brief conversational programs. A Chatbot is created to provide online chat conversations rather than a human agent to contact via text or text to speech.

Oxford Dictionary defines Chatbot as:

“A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.”

In general, Chatbot blends with the channels, backend systems and intelligence-providing systems. It dumps usage information for further improvements and intelligence determination. These 4 integration parts have usage patterns and non-functional requirements for usage in Chatbot Solutions. Find here the benefits of of Integrating  Chatbots with your Website.

Stay Updated with Trends

To make your business more efficient and to the point, it is important to stay updated with the trends. Platforms like Facebook Messenger and Telegram provide chatbots for engaging users with your business and to make your business more accessible to more users.

Provides Personalised Experience

A Chatbot provides personalised experience, which is in high demand. Personalization is a cycle of transforming a prospect into customer and a customer into a returning customer. Chatbots are designed to provide a conversational environment to customers. This makes the customer feel like they are conversing with humans and not with robots.

Chatbot collects all the information of your website visitors and provides them with shopping information based on their purchase history. Chatbot provides services such as getting information about the products the customers want to buy, pay for the product, oversee the product delivery details etc.

Sends relevant Push Notifications

Notifications play an important role in grabbing customers’ attention. Nowadays, emails have lost their effectiveness as push notifications. Most of the time, notifications fail to pursue audience attention.

Irrelevance of message and distractions caused on websites contribute to distracting the audience. Bombarding customers with irrelevant notifications makes them lose their interest and become distracted.

Based on customers interest, Chatbot supports in forwarding personalised messages to them. Seeking information regarding your users plays an important role in sending updates to your customers regarding your business.

Generates New Leads

Chatbots provide another way to increase your customers. Main goal of any business is to generate leads. So, by including Chatbots in your web design you can generate leads.

To generate leads, one must find out the interests of your customers, which help in understanding their needs. After figuring out their needs, giving them saluting allows them to stay engaged with your business. A chatbot permits you to follow up with the visitors from the time they visit your site to the time they purchase. It provides customers with all necessary information, answers their questions and suggests new products based on their useful needs. This sort of good engagement leads to new leads for your business.

A case study on Zurich Insurance UK, stated that within 6 weeks, it recorded 765 customer interactions with the chatbot Zara (Zurich Automated Response Agent), which is recorded as a 20% increase.


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Helps in conducting Surveys

Surveys help in understanding the customers feedback on the purchased products along with their expectations and requirements. But since surveys are done with the help of emails and websites, they go in vain as the audience doesn’t engage for various reasons.But chatbots engage the audience in a discussion, making the survey brief, successful, engaging and conversable.

Aims to target Wider Audience

All social media messaging platforms incorporated chatbot. Now, these platforms are enjoying great user-base support. By integrating a chatbot to your web design, helps in getting access to the audience on all platforms. This provides an opportunity to access a broader market and indirectly help in growth of its operations. For StartUps, it’s always good to have chatbots as they boost larger audiences to your business.

Available 24/7 hours

According to Oracle, 50% of customers want business or services to be available 24/7.

Having a 24/7 response chatbot brings immediate communication between customers and the seller. Bots which are unable to serve customer queries fail to add value, even if you are 24/7 available. The main issue arises when Bots cannot understand and solve customer issues due to security maintenance issues, resulting in backlash.

Keeps Instant, Constant, Recorded Answers

The internet speed, cloud and software mechanisms make the chatbot respond instantly. While an operator can answer one question at a time, Chatbot can answer thousands of questions at the same time.

Constantly answering questions will give customers assurance. While a service representative doesn’t answer, then the customer might try calling again to see if the next representative is better.

Chatbots provide a record of the conversation. Customers can take a screenshot of it to provide as a proof or challenge any bot.

Limitless patience

Unlike operators who lose their patience, bots are always patient enough. One of the human related    problems is that they are impatient while dealing with customers and their problems. A chatbot has the patience which no human can possess.

Provides a help-desk with zero wasting time

A delay in playing a video online may keep 50 viewers on hold and abandon the site or just close the video.

This indirectly affects the audience behavior concerning all services. This causes colossal damage because of customers’ bad experience. This makes it very hard to pull back your customers because a customer who’s had a bad experience hardly returns. Chatbot provides a help-desk which responds instantly, making no time go in vain.


Few researches prove that more people preferred chatting to calling. It is therefore essential for every business to set up a Chatbot to take advantage of this opportunity. Also, with the advancement in technology, chatbots should be given extensive exposure to realise their benefit. Besides all this, Chatbots support and improve customer experience and improves the brand experience for your customers. You can approach a custom web development company and avail their web development services, to integrate chatbots into your web application.


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