Celebrity Chefs And Their Secrets To Easy Cooking

Celebrity Chefs And Their Secrets To Easy Cooking

Every celebrity has a personal chef who cooks food as per his or her diet and routine. First, these chefs become celebrities by giving cookery advice and demonstration publically through social media platforms — celebs who need chefs to hire them as their personal chef either for the family or for themselves. From handling their diet to the tantrums, a chef plays an important role in a celebrity’s life. The tips

 Clean as you go

A messy workstation could make other things around untidy. Using the clean as you go makes cooking more easily. By using a garbage bowl to keep the peels and scraps and help keep the counter clean. After finishing each step, washing the utensils or wiping the counter would be easier later. Cleaning right from the beginning of cooking will reduce the cleaning after cooking.

Always keep the knives sharp

A blunt knife is way more dangerous than a sharp knife. A blunt knife needs more pressure, and it could slip causing an injury. While a sharp needs less force to cut and less force will not damage the food. Using the right knife for cutting will result in perfection, and the food will taste better.

Planning before cooking

It is important to go through the recipe before one starts cooking. Planning what to cook and going through the ingredients beforehand saves on time and makes cooking easy. Planning never goes waste. It not only saves time but also relieves stress and money. Before one starts cooking the ingredients that will be used should be pulled out. Organizing makes cooking easy and interesting.

Mise en place

Mise en place is the French phrase for everything in place. Before one starts cooking it is important to measure, peel, chop and keep everything within reach. With this one will not have to run around and waste time. Chefs to make cooking easy and effortlessly use this technique. Keeping everything ready beforehand is the best key to cooking.

Taste as you go

When cooking it is important to check the taste of the food. There could be a possibility that the ingredients could be less or salt could be more. To get the right taste before serving, one must taste after adding each ingredient so that it is balanced. Before serving the dish, one should know what it tastes like. At times little more salt could make the dish tastier. In case the salt is more, one must know how to balance it by putting the spices in the right proportions.

Stable cutting board

Cutting boards are essential when it comes to cooking. Using the correct cutting board will make a difference in the cutting. A stable cutting board would lead to the proper cutting of the vegetables. Wooden cutting boards can be hand washed and will not get cracks as compared to the plastic boards. Wooden boards are stable too. While plastic cutting boards are lightweight and can be used to cut chicken. Bamboo cutting boards are eco0friendly and moisture resistant.

 The temperature of the pan

It is important to check the temperature of the pan before cooking. Oil reminds one that the pan is too hot and should not be touched. When cold oil and food are put in the pan, the pan will become messy. Heating oil for a longer time will prevent from damage of the pan. Heating the fats without anything helps break down and burn fast though one must not put oil in a very hot pan.

Avoid cooking stress

When a person cooks for the first time, they are stressed. Stress could lead to a different taste either good or bad. As it needs a lot of patience, one must be patient when cooking. Going through the ingredients needed and necessary spices will reduce stress. Prepping plays an important role in keeping the stress in control. Once a person knows all the ingredients that are needed and have prepared accordingly there will be no stress.

New utensils

Utensils are the essence of cooking. Using the right utensil while cooking is very important. Using a big utensil for small portion will increase one’s work. Using a small utensil for big portions, the food will stay half cooked and half uncooked. When the utensils break or tend to burn it is necessary to replace them with new ones. Using old utensils will change the taste of the food and will have a bad impact when served to guests.

Using these tips while cooking can make cooking interesting and easy. While many hate cooking as they feel it is not their cup of tea others feel they are made for cooking. These tips are used by the celebrity personal chef, can be used by others too. It can change the whole cooking technique is used.


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