5 Clever Clothing Tips for Your Comfiest Trek Yet

5 Clever Clothing Tips for Your Comfiest Trek Yet

It’s been said that life is about the journey, not the destination. If this holds true, then what we wear while we travel is just as important as where we’re going. No one wants to (or should) spend hours in a car or on a plane in pants that are too tight or shirts that don’t spark joy. So, whether you’re going to Bali or Baltimore, let’s make sure your outfit is serving looks and serving you as best as possible. After all, your travel plans are a part of your vacation — and you deserve to soak up and enjoy every last second.

Comfort might look a little different for everyone while they travel. If you’re into basics, we’re with you — it’s hard to deny the allure of the outfit power staples we know and love, like a beloved old sweatshirt or your softest crew neck tees. If you like to make a fashion splash while you travel, we feel you too. Nothing beats looking and feeling your best when heading somewhere special.

Whatever you’re into, we want to make sure you get there comfortably. Here are our top five cleverest clothing tips to ensure you feel your comfiest as you embark on your next adventure.

Where Form Meets Function

We all know the concept: two birds, one stone. There’s nothing better than when a single solution perfectly addresses more than one problem. We can accomplish this while we travel with the help of the right outfit. The goal? Stay healthy, remain alert and avoid catastrophe all while roaming this planet in a perfectly comfy, wonderfully efficient outfit. It is possible!

Pick Roomy, Breathable Clothing … for Your Health Restrictive clothing can cause significant health issues and should be avoided to ensure optimal wellness and comfort while traveling. This means just say no to pants that are too tight, shoes that are too small and undergarments that pinch. A pair of soft, seamless leggings can keep you snug and warm while curled up on a train or sitting shotgun on a road trip. If you’re looking for a roomier top, extra-long tall tee shirts are a great choice; they’re a bit longer than traditional tees, which means you get complete coverage even when reaching overhead to grab your carry-on, and they give you space to breathe even after a large meal.

Dress for Comfort, Not for Bed … so You Stay Alert — There’s an old cliché that says you should “dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” The idea is that if you put a little extra oomph into your outfits and feel confident in what you’re wearing, you might perform better and perhaps get that promotion. This may or may not hold up in the office, but it can help while you’re picking your travel threads. 

Traveling can be chaotic: a mad dash to catch a connecting flight, a flat tire on the side of the road. Whatever it may be, you want to be able to spring into action at a moment’s notice. Pajamas are tempting travel attire but if you’re in baggy sweatpants and a hoodie with arms as long as your legs, you might not be as nimble as you had hoped when trying to address any mishaps. The solution? Choose clothes that are comfortable and allow you to put in the work in case catastrophe strikes — whether you’re running to catch your flight or playing mechanic off a highway somewhere in Maryland.

Avoid Tricky Outfits … for the Bathroom? — You heard that right. Chances are you will need to use the restroom at least once or 100 times during the duration of your trip. There’s a lot to consider to ensure you stay comfortable without issue.

How easily can you get in and out of your clothing? Airplane bathrooms and gas station stalls are less than roomy. This means you need to be savvy (and perhaps bendy) to get the job done without major incident. Rompers are great but if they involve more than a few buttons or demand you undress completely just to use the restroom, you may want to rethink this outfit choice.

Does your clothing hang too low? Drapey cardigans, fringe of any kind or your overalls straps may dangle and drag along the floor — or even take a dip in the toilet by accident. It’s good if your fashion makes a splash but be careful it’s not the wrong kind …

Think Differently

Most people love to travel to escape the repetition of everyday life. Studies show that exploring new places shifts our perspective and helps us learn. The same can be said about the way we select our clothing and how our attire choices can shift the way we think. 

Whether through clothes or exploration, it’s always a good idea to embrace change. It’s an even better idea to do it comfortably.

Expect the Unexpected — Seasoned travel veteran and author Rick Steves advises travelers to assume there will be setbacks but to address them creatively. Things don’t always go as planned. If you begin your journey acknowledging this, you are removing the opportunity for disappointment. Rather, you start to view every “problem” as a new adventure — one full of promise and guaranteed to provide good stories to take home. The same principles apply when picking comfy threads for travel:

The temperature might change. Make sure you’re prepared for any climate, inside or out. The airport may be freezing but as soon as you step outdoors it may be sweltering. It’s best to layer appropriately — this includes throwing socks in your bag even if you travel in sandals!

Your plans may change. You may have expected a casual day of travel and find yourself at a five-star restaurant. (You never know!) Dressing comfortably for any occasion will keep you adaptable no matter where you end up. Note: Black leggings go with just about anything. Dress them up with a nice cardigan or keep it casual with a hoodie and the timeless messy bun.

Think (and Dress) Outside the Box—Maybe you’re a conservative dresser at home and vacation is your time to explore your creativity through fashion. It can be as simple as packing Vneck T-shirts over your traditional crew neck favorites, or maybe you select colorful prints when you typically live in shades of gray. No matter what you decide, feel free to try something new and different while you travel so you can feel your very best.

No matter where you’re going or what the journey throws your way, wearing the right outfit will help ensure that you enjoy every mile. Make sure to spend the time to coordinate a perfectly cozy and adaptable travel outfit to get the most out of your next adventure.


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