Is Hitting Bookstores a Thing of the Past?

Is Hitting Bookstores a Thing of the Past

Ever since the pandemic hit us, the sale of books in bookstores have also witnessed a decline. Even the top bookstores in India have been impacted as many people do not have a reading habit due to the increasing growth of social media. 

Everyone seems busy and highly interested in posting on social media; liking and commenting on each other’s photos. As a result, the time people used to spend reading books is now spent elsewhere. This post discusses a few reasons why physical bookstores have seen a downward trend and whether online bookstores match up to them.

Major reasons for the decline in sales at bookstores

  • The first and foremost reason is the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to that people had stopped going out for safety reasons. As a result, there is a loss both for the readers out there and is definitely more times more so for the booksellers and bookstores. 
  • Then comes the point of convenience. When people can easily select and order their favourite books just by selecting the particular book from the comfort of their home, then why would people go all the way to the bookstore to buy their books. 

Online bookstores are time-saving. If someone has a really busy schedule to manage at home and needs a book on a really very urgent basis then obviously the person would prefer buying the book online so that the time can be saved. 

  • The point of getting a wider variety of books online is also a reason for the decline in sales at bookstores. At bookstores, due to the shortage of enough space, there are many books that are not available but are available online due to fewer logistical constraints.  

Comparison between an online bookstore and a physical bookstore

  • On one hand, there are many people who like to explore their reading choices by going to the most excellent and renowned bookstores and purchase their favourite books. These days there are also bookstores with cafes where people just go to chill and enjoy a cup of coffee with their favourite book.
  • On the other hand, there are also people who just like to sit at home and read a book on a digital platform say for example on Kindle or they can simply order a book from an online bookstore. 

Do you prefer the look and feel of a physical bookstore or are you the one who prefers ordering books online? The choice is yours. What matters the most is your passion for reading new books.

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