Commercial Roller Door: Easy Ways of Repairs

Commercial Roller Door Easy Ways of Repairs

Doors are a basic amenity or a facility in a building. Nowadays many buildings in the industry and some houses usually prefer roller doors for them. These roller doors are mostly installed for garages, shops and for some other commercial reasons.  Also known as a roller shutter, it is a kind of sectional overhead door that consists of many slats that are horizontal and hinged together. It functions either manually or electronically. Unlike normal doors the opening and closing of roller doors are horizontal. It gives you protection from rain and heavy wind. And if needs a fixation, commercial roller door repairs are available.

Roller Shutter Doors and Their Types

 There are around 7 types of roller doors. They are listed below

Manual tape

There are pulley guides on which the flange of the roller is traced when the tape drives around it. The pulley is used to guide an inertia reel on the side of the room through the building.


It consists of a gear drive which is traced through façade of building from a shutter roller. Operated with a cranked winding handle it works by the use of a universal joint on the side of the room.

Built-in roller

The roller shutter box is made inside the lintel which is above a window.

Built-on roller

In this, the roller shutter box is built to fix externally to the building façade.


Fixed within the present roller, it works on an automatic operation that consists of a tubular motor.

Tilting laths with roller shutter

This is similar to the external Venetian blind. It has tilting laths fixed with the roller shutter.

Integrated roller shutter

Here the window and the roller shutter are combined and fixed together as a single unit.

What is a Roller Shutter made of?

The roller shutter is made of- Lath (aluminium, and steel), Shutter box (either aluminium or steel extrusions), guide railing track (to retain the curtain of the shutter), shutter spring (used springs are either flat spring or spring/torsion spring), roller tube (a metal tube which is supported at both ends with the help of an end plate), lock (it hold the shutter in place and locks it with a bullet lock), and bottom lath (made from either aluminium, PVC or steel to reduce draughts and match the present lath).

Roller Door Services

 If something goes wrong with the shutter you may directly contact the commercial doors in Melbourne. There are many commercial rollers door repairs company that will help you with the same.  Be it the installation, maintenance, or repairs, they can help you with everything no matter of what brand the door is or the quality of the material.

  • Polycarbonate slats, steel slat shutter, fire rated roller doors, aluminum slat doors, and griller, and also, continuous sheet roller doors etc. are some of the services offered by them.
  • Screen refurbishing, impact call outs, repairs on every single brand, new doors and installation, re-springing, servicing, motorising the existing doors, overhauling the barrels, planetary replacements, gearing replacements, supply and installation of egress gates with a new and existing door, and re-felting of sheet curtain are some of the services provided by the commercial roller door repairs.

All of these services for commercial roller door repairs are just one call away. You can also contact the servicing companies through email or a quick call on their phone number and ask for help. They will send you highly experienced personnel for the same. Hence, with the help of commercial roller door repair services you can easily get your roller door installed as well as repaired. Their service is quick and a satisfactory one.


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