What is Online Coupon Codes and How to Find it Online?

What is Online Coupon Codes and How to Find it Online

When we shop online, we will see a small box where the discount codes are to be entered. These can be entered at the time of check out or in the shopping cart itself. This is the coupon code box and this is where you have to enter the promo code or offer code or discount code, etc. Whatever may be the name of the code, it provides you with extra savings. You have to apply it wisely so that you can derive maximum benefit in the form of extra savings. There are a wide range of coupons available in the internet and you should know how to use it.

First of all, you should know about the coupon code and also its application. Bewakoof coupons come with features such as you will be provided with the deduction of fixed amount, certain percentage of your order will be waived and free shipping or lower shipping cost. They will also specify whether it is for all the products sold in a store or applicable for some particular items alone. Some of them even require minimum purchase amount. These codes are issued through the store’s newsletters, website, through other website that promotes current deals as well as coupons. In some online stores, the discount gets applied on its own without even typing in a code.

Reading the codes

Normally, coupon codes come as a combination of letter or numbers. It will consist of characters and will be in capital letters (ex. ST676XMT). In some cases, it will contain portion of the word or actual words. The nature of the discount will be visible from the code.

Applying coupon code

These coupon codes can be typed in the box provided or can be copied and pasted as well into the box given for entering the coupon code. Once entered, you can click the apply button. The location of this box varies from one online store to another. So you have to be very careful in your processing of the order so that you do not miss out on that accidentally.


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Intermediate Couponing

Now you know about the coupon code online. Though it is a simple concept, but the online stores make it more complicated, that it becomes difficult even for the frequent shoppers to find the code and apply it.

Ensure discount is availed successfully

Though the online stores vary in handling the promo codes, the top online stores will be opened up as to the application of the promo code. In case, what you purchase does not attract any discount they might also provide you with alternate products that come with the discounts. However, the stores do not intimate you whether the purchase is ineligible or invalid by way of a message.  In some cases, you have to complete all the procedures till entering of credit card information to get to know whether it is valid coupon. In some cases, the coupon would have been accepted but neither the information about it nor the discount is displayed.

Troubleshooting non-working coupon

Most common reason for the coupon codes may not work is restrictions as well as exemptions. Some coupons cannot be applied on all purchases especially when they have announced clearance sale or if they have announced “deal of the day”. These coupon codes will not be valid if the online stores have its own marketplace. The codes will not also work if other sellers are listed in their site. Only the products which are directly sold by the stores will attract coupon codes. Before applying for the code you should check for its validity. If it has already expired, then it cannot be used. Some stores might even discontinue the codes before the expiry date provided by them or they might end the offer much ahead of its expiration.

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