Top 10 YIFY/YTS Alternatives & Mirror Sites for Torrenting 2024 (Guaranteed to Work)

Top 10 YIFY YTS Alternatives & Mirror Sites for Torrenting

Read here all about  YIFY/YTS Alternatives & Mirror Sites for Torrenting

YIFY torrents and YTS were launched in the year 2011 and are the most reliable site for playing with torrents. The user interface is finer than most and is placed in neat little sections from where you can easily access the content you need. It was YIFY at the start, however, due to some issues, it went through some upgrades and was rebranded as YTS. The name YTS stuck around but it is, even now, referred to as YIFY by some people.

It was working fine, as a peer-to-peer online release group – when suddenly, there was no page to show on its address at all. Such disappearances, from then on, are somewhat frequent for the site and it would be a smart thing, to search for alternatives and mirrors for the site that will work most definitely, in case such vanishing act is pulled by the sites again.

Top 10 YIFY/YTS Alternatives & Mirror Sites for Torrenting

Top ten alternatives & mirror sites for YIFY/YTS


Some of the best alternatives and mirror sites for YIFY/YTS are listed right down below. What’s more, they are guaranteed to work quite efficiently and properly.


RARBG has the ultimate library of high-quality torrents and is for the moment, perfectly non-blocked. The library is stocked regularly, meaning you can get to stream as well as download new additions, right after they are released worldwide officially. It is so efficient that it is banned in many countries, but using a VPN can get you a free entry on the site.


1337x is actually a real powerful site, just like YIFY and YTS, but it is mainly a search engine. Google is wary of this site and takes efforts to hide this one from the search results. You can get entertainment content along with sports content for free here. A plus point is how this site lets you watch live sports online and that too for free.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is actually ranked third in overall world markings, which would tell you how big of a deal this site is. One of the best torrent sites and even better proxy portal alternatives, you can find anything you want just at a click here. Though the site stops working frequently, it always comes back just as quickly, which is why many users are still dedicate use this one. The quality is premium and the download speed is excellent – what more do you want?Also click here to know the most popular non-blocked torrent sites to movies streaming online.


Torrentz2 is the safer site, launched by its parent website, i.e. Torrentz.EU, in case the latter one shuts down. Its search engine is to-the-point and efficient, along with an excellently creative user-interface. The search engine is something to be applauded, because it certainly takes lesser time than usual. It also has an option of beta search, which is a relatively new feature. You can, then, download the content in no time, because the speed is also excellent.

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is one of the best, as you might already know. And why wouldn’t you? The name has been around for a long while by now. It boasts of anextensive and engaging torrents library and has amassed a chunk of population to use it, and that too in a very short time. The user interface is not that bad; not like the sleek designs, but it definitely does its job. You can download movies and series to documentaries, songs and even sports’ videos – it is just that extensive.


ISO is one of the earliest, perhaps the oldest of the sites mentioned here. ISOHunt has, naturally, one of the most extensive and best content and torrent libraries that are online. In fact, because of its long-time existence, there are old torrents, which might not be easily available elsewhere. It does have the potential to step in YIFY’s shoes, maybe even take its place.


Putlocker has always been the most used site, from the day it was launched. While it is taken down more than often, it still remains a good enough site for people to put their trust in over and over again. It is the online file hosting index website, where you can stream the available content online for free. You can download the content on there too, which is why people refer to the site as literal heaven.


LimeTorrents is one of the best torrent alternatives, as not only is it non-blocked, but the quality that it offers is also incomparable – HD and premium. Another plus point is the download speed; it is, hands down, excellent. The site has a decent number of users and has been taken down number of times in the past. However, it comes back up every time it goes on and as far as 2020 is concerned, it is guaranteed to work. One of the best YTS alternative, you can be assured of its authenticity and up-to-the-point service.


Zooqle has its own extensive library, as big as that of YIFY movies. Over hundreds and thousands of movies, you can access the one you want from the categories that are provided by the site. There are over 3.5 million verified torrents, not just concerned with entertainment, but software and other needed things as well.


If you still are thinking about how to get past the risky factor of torrents, then Kodi happens to be one of the best alternatives of YIFY proxy. What it does is really simple; it becomes a streaming platform, but with torrents. You can stream data online, and while you do that, there is no secret uploading or downloading of content. This becomes a working chink in the legal armor and therefore, is actually a legal site.

Whereas YIFY and YTS are the ultimate in their field, there might be a time where you have to rely on other options, for a variety of reasons. This is where the above provided list will come into the play. Till then, happy torrenting!


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