Which Wood Chipper to Buy For Your Needs?

Which wood chipper to buy for your needs?

This tool, as you already know, works to cut those trunks that are too big and difficult to handle. Perform in a simple and effortless way, to obtain as a result small and easy to handle blocks. This is ideal when we need to have. For example, a constant supply of firewood for heating systems, chimneys and other types of machines that require wood burning for operation.

In that sense and, depending on our needs, a wood chipper can be very useful in the home or cottage and is indispensable in many industries and services. Therefore, there are different models and sizes that adapt to the requirements of the task and can be both domestic and industrial. However, many cheap chippers may end up not meeting the requirements they offer and become a nuisance. So it is advisable to study the offers well before shopping one.

Similarly, many manufacturers are dedicated to making best quality chippers because they know its importance and the risk involved in a machine of poor quality of this type.


Tips Before Buying


Tips for before buying woods

Buy the best wood chipper that suits the needs, requires knowing the models and their capabilities to choose the right option. To begin, we give you some information about the different types:

According to operation: there are two types of choppers available according to the way they work.

Infinite screw: they can be dangerous since they are based on a screw in the shape of a cone that presses the trunk and makes it explode. Recommended only for professionals.

Wedge: with a wedge of steel and using a hydraulic cylinder, the wedge is pushed until the trunk part, much safer and easier to use than the infinite screw.


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According to the power source: chippers, according to need, can have different types of feeding;

Electrical: Ideal for domestic use since it is connected to an outlet and works perfectly.

Gasoline: ideal for open spaces where there is no electrical connection

Manual: they do not need to connect to any source of power and they are very economical.

Connected to tractor: ideal for buildings where these vehicles are the order of the day.

Depending on the position of the trunk: they can be horizontal or vertical, the horizontal ones being the most powerful due to the type of cut they do.


Which One to Buy According to Your Needs


Ideal for cutting low hardwood into small pieces of wood. It is the best option if we look for a chipper for the home that allows us to have wood for fires or heating systems. They use 220v power and have 5 to 8 tons of pressure. In addition, they are usually easy to store and transport.


They can be used in different areas since their power is very varied. In case of not having a 220v electric source in the home, a gas chipper is ideal. Also in case of cuts in places where there is no electricity, the fuel advantage will give you the portability within backyard garden.


Much safer than electric or gasoline, they are ideal for small jobs in the home and are light and transportable. They are not advisable for professional use because they would require an excessive effort.

Connected to tractor

Ideal for agriculture or terrain spaces where there are isolated trunks and it is required to constantly transport the splintering machine.


Other aspects to consider

In addition to the type of chipper according to the needs of feeding, there are other factors to take into account:

Power: depends on the type of wood you want to cut, the greater the hardness, the more power is required. You can find from manual chippers of 1 ton of power for the home, to industrial of 40 tons.

Position: the verticals are usually more dangerous because the chips leave in any direction, so they are only suitable if it is the only possible option. Of rest, the horizontal, in addition to fulfilling all kinds of jobs, tend to be more powerful.

Capacity: this defines the size of the piece that can be cut and the result of the cut. Depending on the size of the trunks you want to cut, it is necessary to take into account the capacity of the chipper.

Prices of wood chippers

Depending on the type that we need, the prices can be very varied.

Hope Above Tips Will Help You To Buying Chipper Wood  Next Time !!


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