Top Five Elegant and Luxurious Bvlgari Watches For Ladies

A watch is an art that someone has been working on for hours. Moreover, wristwatches allow you to carry art that you appreciate many more when you realize how much work has gone into a nice watch. And for the ladies, owning one can highlight her elegance and beauty. Here are the top five Bvlgari timepieces for women that will make you stand out. 

The Bvlgari Serpenti Steel Bracelet Watch 

The Bvlgari watch watch has a stainless steel material with sapphire crystals, which justifies elegance on women. It has a stainless steel band that is serpent inspired and has a very sleek design, and very comfortable to wear because of its bracelet type. It has a solid back and unique shape with a diameter of 35mm.

The Dial is in silver, which symbolizes modernism and wealth. It is perfect for every woman who wants a touch of luxury in their style. It has indexes and silver-tone hands. The caliber of this watch is a B033 exclusive for Bvlgari and has a movement type of quartz. 

The Bvlgari watch is undoubtedly durable with a water resistance of up to 30 meters. With the serpent-like inspiration, this watch will indeed be getting anyone’s attention. The watch will perfectly complement a sleek and straightforward outfit, which makes the watch the centerpiece. 

The Bvlgari Tubogas Black Dial Watch 

The Bvlgari Tubogas watch is made of stainless steel. A classic Bvlgari wristwatch has sapphire crystals, and this piece surely did not miss it. This timepiece is a classic that comes in round shape with 26 mm, suitable for ladies with slim wrists. 

The watch has a black dial with indexes in Arabic numerals and the hands in a silver-tone. The caliber of the Tubogas watch is a B046 and is made of quartz. Bvlgari made sure that their collections are not just luxurious but durable too, enjoy the best of both worlds with its water-resistance of up to 30 meters.

Incorporating style and practicality, the Tubogas Bvlgari watch is perfect for every woman on-the-go and would like a more straightforward design on their wrists while making sure to make a luxurious statement. Wearing a wristwatch is a form of expression which reflects style or adventure depending on your preference.

The Bvlgari LVCEA Tubogas Watch With Black Diamond Dial

The LVCEA watch from Bvlgari has stainless steel material with a consistency up to its band. It has a solid back and a round shape with a diameter of 28 mm. The watch reflects luxury with its sapphire crystal on the case. 

The Dial is in color black with a polished finish. Aside from the sapphire crystals, the LVCEA watches have diamond indexes, luxurious and elegant, and robust. Bvlgari certainly lives up an expensive lifestyle. With its eye-catching diamonds and sapphires, the wristwatch tones it with hands that are colored silver. 

This watch’s movement is made of stainless steel polished and has a movement type made from quartz. It is durable with resistance to water of up to 50 meters. The watch is perfectly fit for dresses that are worn on special gatherings.

The Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori Watch With White Dial

The Bvlgari Watch is entirely made of stainless steel from its band to its case. It has a solid back with an oval shape, slim and sleek with a diameter of 33 mm. The watch is a classic Bvlgari watch with its sapphire crystals. Like stainless steel, this watch will never fade and will always stay in trend.

It has a dial with an analog type that comes in silver. The watch has a polished finish with indexes in Roman Numerals. Its hands are shaped like swords, which sets a unique style for the Seduttori watch. The wristwatch is made of quartz and is entirely water-resistant, with a durability of up to 50 meters. 

With its overall silver stainless steel, the watch has a gold color accent, which can be associated with love, courage, elegance, and wisdom. It is made for women who discreetly like elegance with its minimalist design. Anyone who is a watch enthusiast will surely admire this watch. 

The Bvlgari Blue Dial Watch in Quartz

The blue dial watch has stainless steel material that extends up to its bands. It has a classic round case with 33 mm in diameter. It is also made of quartz and has a dial in the color blue. Like the sea and the sky, the watch can be associated with a loyal and full wisdom woman.

The watch has a border with engraved Bvlgari throughout the circle; it can be small in diameter, but it makes a Bvlgari statement. If you want to make this watch stand out, you can wear something simple and a dress made of silk. 


Wearing a watch can be both an accessory that can uplift an outfit and also a convenient way of looking at the time. When both ends meet and are topped off with luxury, the Bvlgari watch makes that dream come true.


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