Tommy Hilfiger Watches: A Gentleman’s Choice

Accessories are limited to women, but some accessories are perfect for men, and that is a wristwatch. A watch has been in the industry since the early 18th century for all gentlemen in different countries. Before, a wristwatch would cost you a hefty amount of cash, but now everyone can afford it.

In this modern world, getting a long-lasting and affordable watch is difficult because of the number of brands popping out around the market. One of the best luxury brands that have already made its name in the clothing and fragrance and the watch industry is Tommy Hilfiger. They offer all the things you need to create a unique look.

The Famous Tommy Hilfiger 

Tommy Hilfiger is known to the world as a high-end brand of clothing founded by the one and only Mr. Tommy Hilfiger, a famous American designer who has made his name in the fashion industry since 1985. Tommy Hilfiger is known more for its clothing line, fragrance, footwear, accessories, and the watch industry.

The collection of their watches is known as the Tommy Hilfiger watch, which is all created uniquely with high-quality materials for everyone’s preference. Their timepieces are not only exclusively for rich people; the goal of Mr. Hilfiger is to capture also the market in the middle class. Here are some of their new designs for you to choose from for your collection.

Tommy Hilfiger Model 1791421

This Tommy Hilfiger watch has a sophisticated design just for men. Its style is made out of class that would perfectly go with casual attire, even formal ones, because of its black color. This watch’s case is round with a diameter of 44mm, and its crystal is made of high-quality that would make it scratch proof. 

The whole watch is made of high-quality stainless steel with black color, including its strap and buckle. It has a blue dial with three small subdials that can measure time, minutes, and seconds. The indexes are made of white with a water-resistant feature up to 50 meters. The price of this watch in the market is now at $125.

Tommy Hilfiger Model 1791466

This watch is one of the unique and masculine styles of watches of Tommy Hilfiger, created entirely for men. The whole wristwatch is made from premium stainless steel material in silver-tone. You can wear this watch on any occasion and in any outfit, whether it is a casual or a formal one.

The case is created by stainless steel with a bronze-tone circle and then surrounded by silver. The watch’s dial has a grey color, same with the three small subdials. The hands and the hour markers have a stick design colored in white that would blend perfectly with its dial. 

The strap of this watch is of stainless steel material, including its buckle, and it also has a water-resistant feature that can survive up to meters. You can add this watch to your collection by spending only $ 129.

Tommy Hilfiger Model 1791424

This Tommy Hilfiger watch has a fantastic look just for men. This watch’s design is entirely made for men who love going on adventures and outdoor activities and is best worn in casual attire. This watch is made of a stainless steel case with a durable crystal made to be scratch-proof with a diameter size of 44 mm.

The dial of this watch is in ocean blue with hour markers and hands colored in white-tone. The three sundials also come in blue with the same design as its mother dial. The straps are made of calfskin material with a water-resistant feature of 50 meters. This watch is one of a kind at an affordable price of $ 146.

Tommy Hilfiger Model 1791563

A sophisticated yet classy look of the watch that is perfect for outdoor activities would go smoothly in any casual attire on different occasions. This decker chronograph watch is designed just for men. The material used for its case is stainless steel with a round design that measures 46 mm. 

The dial of the watch is in black with silver-tone hands and hour markers. This watch’s sundial has the same colors as the mother dial, which gives it a sophisticated look. The straps are made of high-quality leather, and it has a water-resistant feature of 30 meters. The price of this watch is now at $ 112.


The Tommy Hilfiger brand is exclusive to clothing, but the brand itself can exceed all your expectations regarding fashion, especially to a unique timepiece. All of the wristwatches stated above are worth having because they are put together from different high-quality materials by professional watchmakers and designers. 

You don’t have to waste thousands of dollars on luxury and durable watches if you can have one at an affordable price. The Tommy Hilfiger can exceed your watches’ expectations because each of them is perfectly made for your preference. 


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