Nature Lover: 5 Emojis that Pertain to Natural Environment

The use of emojis has been so popular for many people nowadays. Emojis are symbols that convey special meaning and interpretation. You can usually find various emojis posted and shared on any social media platforms. Instead of using words, you can use particular emojis that will complement whatever content of your message. 

When you’re happy, you can find tons of emojis on the internet that will represent exactly how you feel. If you feel sad, there you can also find appropriate emojis. Hence, here’s another list of different emojis that pertain to the natural environment. Read each one below to know various emojis or symbols that will represent different things that you can find in your environment. 

Droplet Emoji

The droplet emoji is an example of water emoji. It became a qualified emoji and part of Unicode 6.0 and was successfully introduced last 2010. This emoji is represented by a single drop of water in round shape with a pointed top.  It has various interpretations. Some people will use this emoji to mean that it’s raining, or their roof is leaking. 

Other people will also send this emoji to mean sweat from a physical exercise, or a person is sweating due to excitement. Some will also use it to tell people about the sadness they feel, since the droplet may mean a drop of tears. Hence, this emoji has various meanings, depending on how and when to use them on your post or stories on social media. 

Water Wave Emoji

The water wave emoji is represented by an image of a huge wave of water. It looks like a wave that you can find in the sea or the ocean. This emoji means a vacation on the beach, or people are excited to visit one pretty soon. If you send this emoji to your friends, you’re also telling them that you find it exciting to do activities that you can try in the ocean, like surfing, swimming, and many others. 

Moreover, if you use the water wave emoji, you’re also telling people that you are fond of visiting the sea or ocean. Your friends will simply have an idea that you love going to a body of water, such as a lake, river, ocean, and many others. 

Rainbow Emoji

The rainbow emoji is represented by an arc with different colors, like a typical rainbow. Many people will use this emoji to mean positivity. It could be happiness, hopefulness, blessings, and other positive things that can surely give people the happiness they want.  

Moreover, if you send this emoji to your friends, it also means that the weather is so good, and doing some activities outside your house will be an exciting idea. Besides that, people in the LGBTQ community also use this emoji to mean their pride and identity from their community. 

Comet Emoji

The comet emoji has various and exciting interpretations. A comet is a rocky and icy object from outer space, and it forms a tail of dust and gas if it’s near the heat of the sun. Some people will share this comet emoji on social media to tell their friends that they love stars, the moon, and other beautiful things you can see in the skies, especially at night. 

Moreover, many people will use this emoji when they mean adoration, appreciation, or admiration. When you adore someone or something because of something gorgeous you can see, you can use this emoji for that. 

Besides, emoji also means a good start or a new beginning. If you’ve just started your new business, or it’s your first year in college, you can use this emoji and share it with your friends to tell them your new journey in life. 

Fire Emoji

The fire emoji is represented by an image of a flame in usually color yellow with a tinge of red shade on top. It is an exciting emoji that you can use on your social media posts and stories. Every time you use this emoji, it means that something is fantastic, exciting, interesting, and cool. It connotes something that you’ll surely like and enjoy. 

Moreover, fire emoji also means overpowering emotions or excitement and happiness. If you’ve started a new career as a doctor, teacher, or other professions, it means you are on fire. You are so excited about the profession that you’ve been dreaming you’ll become for many years. Besides that, the fire emoji also connotes that someone is hot and sexy. Hence, if a man sends this to a woman, it means that a guy finds the woman beautiful and sexy. 


Emojis are useful symbols to use to represent the meaning of your message. The list of emojis discussed above is only a few of those available on the internet. If you haven’t tried to use one, it’s your time to explore and use any of those for your next posts and stories on social media. 


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