Running vs. Biking: Which is Best For Your Body?

Would you rather pound the pavement or glide across the pavement on a beach cruiser bike with basket? Compare these two common exercise and commuting strategies today to see which one is best for your body. Explore the benefits of both and shop for bicycles fitted to your body type to see how you can get more out of your routine.

Benefits of Running

Running is the best way to burn fast calories. Compared to riding a bicycle, running is a faster way to burn lots of calories. Your cardiovascular health may be improved equally with both types of exercise. If you’re exercising to burn the most calories in the least amount of time, running may be the better option for you. In terms of heart health, both are a great option to get your blood flowing and keep your body moving.

Benefits of Biking

Cycling is a far more gentle and efficient way to gain muscle and cruise quickly to your workplace. Pick up a fat tire bike or other bike to enjoy the same amount of cardiovascular benefit, without the harsh effects on your joints.

Riding on a bicycle is a much smoother motion for your legs. Compared to running, you’ll spend far less time pounding your joints. This is a major benefit for older individuals, but it can help any individual reduce the pain and discomfort of exercise.

Biking allows you to cover far more ground in the same amount of time. If you’re looking to burn tons of calories, it may take longer, but it’s a much more efficient method of exercise if you’re also trying to get to work on time. Cycling to work and back is a great way to fit your cardio exercise into your daily routine, without adding hours to your commute time.

Building leg muscles may also be better on a bicycle. Because bikes have resistance, you can develop stronger leg muscles powering across the pavement instead of running on it. Running may develop more muscle tone and upper body strength, but doesn’t engage your leg muscles in the same way as cycling.

Factors of Choosing Your Exercise Method

There are many more factors to consider for Choosing Exercise Method. Chronic conditions, particularly ones affecting your joints, heart or lungs, may prevent you from participating in either exercise activity. If you’re comparing running and biking in terms of transportation or sight seeing, then biking is the clear winner. A hybrid bike is a particularly useful way to commute if you’re in a hurry or have a long commute. You can travel twice the distance, still get a great workout in and ride comfortably to and from work.

Find the Bike for Your Body Type

Riding the wrong bicycle is uncomfortable and prevents you from getting the most out of your ride. Don’t settle for the first city bike or beach cruiser you find, but explore hybrid bikes for men and women that fit your body type, sense of style and sense of adventure. See for yourself how you can crush your exercise goals and commute comfortably with a hybrid bike to match your body type.


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