Engagement rings: 4 styles according to the personality of the bride

The engagement ring is the jewel that marks the union of two people who love each other and are willing to share their lives. For this reason, it must be special. Know the 4 styles of rings according to the personality and identify yourself with yours.

The engagement ring represents the union that two couples have decided to formalize. This will be a piece for life, and, therefore, deserves to be perfect and above all according to the personality of the person who will wear it. For this reason, we have prepared a selection Cheap Engagement Rings according to 4 bridal styles, since those with a more classical spirit will prefer other designs than the most adventurous and modern ones. Do not miss this interesting proposal and discover what will be the jewel that along with the wedding rings will shine on the happiest day of their lives, while exchanging charming love phrases.

Classic and passionate

If you consider yourself a classic style bride and that is what you want to reflect in the details of your link starting with your bridal styling, wedding centerpieces that are simple, yet elegant and, even, that the model of the invitation card also retains that same line. The ideal ring for you will be a traditional ring that can be smooth and with a central stone like the diamond that has an emerald or princess cut, as seen in the usual solitaire. This type of design can be found in both white gold engagement rings and other materials.

Engagement ring ideas

Modern and inclined by art

For those that combine elegance and art in one piece, the engagement rings that best suit this personality can be those with unexpected shapes and outlets of the conventional. Undoubtedly, a straight or remarkably rounded design, a smooth ring, without reliefs and without any additional ornamentation will make this jewel a true work of art with great sophistication.


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The bohemian spirit

This type of personality is characterized by having a relax, but very sophisticated, comfortable and romantic style of air. The engagement ring must be the opposite of the traditional, look for one that is far from the usual. A ring set with a pearl, opal (moonstone) or zircon , and to give it a more natural look, can simulate intertwined branches or a delicate flower that holds the jewel, for example. Undoubtedly, it will combine prodigiously next to a simple wedding dress perhaps with lace or appliques with floral shapes, ideal for boohoo chic brides.


rings for engagement


Glamorous and princesses

If you are clear that you want your wedding to be a dream and you feel like that day you want to look like a princess, because you imagine a room decoration for refined marriage, you have given a flirtatious look in the  catalogs of wedding dresses to those more romantic designs and feminine, in fact the jewel that accompanies you must be in tune with those intentions. The piece that fits with this type of personality are those that are distinguish by having large stones, with additional inlays and with a lot of brightness, the same one that will surely have your link.

Each bride is different, so some will prefer some jewels over others. If you still have not decided, before giving clues to who will become your future husband, it is best that you visit some suppliers and try several models, in this way you will discover which one you feel comfortable with. The important thing will not be the size that the stone may have; it is that this important jewel reflects part of you. Keep in mind that, when embarking on the marriage preparations together, you should review the planning of tasks; it will help them to organize much better, while he is responsible for finding out some places for the honeymoon, what if you search the phrases for the wedding invitations.


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