Vaping Hacks: Advice For Vaping In The Summer

Vaping Hacks Advice For Vaping In The Summer

Summers can be a problem for you, even if you are not a vaper. With the sticky, sweaty mess, all you want is to drink water, and maybe douse yourself in a swimming pool. Well, what’s more, you can also go ahead and choose some menthol e – liquids. However, make sure that you keep your vaping kit clean and handy. It might happen that the coil gets distorted or the wick gets moist because of summers. You will also have to make sure that your e – liquid is not evaporated. Other than that, here are some other advice that can help you.

Keep Your Batteries Safe

Well, if you have bought a vaping kit from, then you need to make sure that you keep the batteries safe when you are not using your kit. It might happen that during the summers, overheating would cause explosion, and you would lose your precious vaping kit.

Even if you don’t blow off your battery, the overheating can also cause damage of your battery and shorten the lifespan. So, always make sure that you keep your battery safe and out of your kit when you are not using it. If you have a mod with a built in battery, then you can use a wall charger and charge your vapes only before you are vaping.

Keep Your e–Juice Cool

In summers, it is easy to forget your e – liquid in cars and any other place. This is because you would be interested in going inside and cooling yourself. However, make sure that you keep your e – liquid cool when you are not using them. If your e – liquid is exposed to high temperatures, it can break down. In fact, it can turn thick and clog your tanks. So, make sure that you store it in a cool storage, or even if you are carrying it outside, it is well wrapped, and out from the direct glare of the sun. In case you notice that your e – liquid is a bit discoloured, it is because of exposure to sun, and might be you cannot use it anymore. If you do, it will clog your tanks, and cause the nicotine to be unhealthy.

Keep Hand Sanitizer Handy

When you are changing your e – liquid or assembling your vaping kit, some of the e – liquid might spill and fall on your skin. You can use some wet tissues to rub that off, or you can also use some hand sanitizers. No one loves smelling like an e – liquid if you are going out somewhere, and the sanitizer would save your day.

Prime the Wicks

Sometimes when you change the wick, you would get a dry, unpleasant flavour or taste in your e – cigs. This is because the wicks are not primed. You can always use some vegetable glycerine to get rid of this problem.  All you would need is a syringe to push it in, and you can buy it from the local or online store.

Other Advice

Other than the above mentioned parts, there are other parts of your e – cigs, that you should take care of. Since it is summer, and bad things can happen any time, make sure that you have an extra battery and an extra e – liquid with you in case of emergencies.

If you are hitting the beach or going camping, make sure that you use a proper storage device for your e-cigs. Summers also mean sudden change in weather. So, one moment you are dry, and in the other you can be wet due to rains. So, you need to make sure that your e – liquid is not exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Summers do mean strawberry pie and yogurts. It also means cool menthol. So, if you love any of the flavors, you can always buy yourself a treat in form of your favourite e – liquid flavor. You can also choose some specific flavors that you like and then use it.


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