Unbeatable Benefits: 6 Features to Look for When Selecting a Managed Office Space

Unbeatable Benefits: 6 Features to Look for When Selecting a Managed Office Space

Managed office spaces can be a cost-effective and desirable option for business owners hoping to find an alternative to traditional office leases. They are generally affordable, suitable for a wide range of business types, and centrally located for employee convenience. 

However, as there is an abundance of options to choose from, it’s not always easy to decide which managed office space is right for you. When the time comes to make your choice, here are a few of the essential features to consider.   

Fast and Reliable Internet

Most managed offices come with an internet service. You simply need to plug in your devices and connect to the WiFi. Although, in today’s advanced age, having an internet connection is no longer enough. 

It must be fast and reliable so that you don’t have to worry about important business calls lagging or cutting out. Look for mention of internet reliability on the website of any managed office service providers you encounter. It’s also worth visiting the space in person and, if possible, asking other office users about their experiences. 

Convenient Location

You might never be able to satisfy everyone’s desire for a short commute, but factoring location into the decision-making process is still important. The quicker the drive to your new place of business, the happier you and your team will be. 

24/7 Access

The nine-to-five working week is becoming obsolete as more employees fight for their rights to better work-life balance and job flexibility. As a result, it’s important to have a managed office that allows 24/7 access. 

If you’re allowing your team to work the hours that suit their needs best, it’s crucial to ensure they’re able to access everything they need to be productive at all times of the day and night. 

A Kitchen

When you’re looking for any new office space, managed or not, you might focus purely on the floor plan and how many desks you can comfortably fit in it for all your workers. It’s easy to forget the features that equate to a comfortable working experience, such as a kitchen. 

A full kitchen with cooking facilities can be crucial for ensuring your team can take proper breaks and prepare nutritious meals. At a minimum, your managed office should have access to a kitchen with coffee and tea-making facilities, a seating area, and food-heating appliances. 

A Boardroom

As more business owners start arranging Zoom calls rather than traveling around the country to meet with business partners, the need for boardrooms grows. In these spaces, you can easily facilitate meetings with your entire team, hold presentations, and meet with important clients. 

Most managed office facilities provide communal boardrooms for everyone, and you simply need to book a time and day to use it and the state-of-the-art multimedia within. 

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting might not seem like an important consideration when choosing a new managed office space, but it can be. Studies have shown a strong relationship between natural light and physical and psychological health. It can also influence moods and provide productivity boosts. So, if you have the choice between a managed office with windows and one without, it might be in your best interest to opt for the one that lets all the beautiful sunshine stream in. 

There are many things to think about when signing on the dotted line for a managed office space. Alongside choosing one within your budget, it’s worth considering the points above. Something as simple as a strong internet connection and access to sunshine might make all the difference to your team’s happiness and productivity. 

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