10 Must-Have Food Items for Your Australia Day Celebration

10 Must-Have Food Items for Your Australia Day Celebration

Australia’s national day is just around the corner (celebrated every 26th of January), and what better way to celebrate it than sharing iconic Aussie food with family and friends? Here are some of the many popular dishes for everyone to enjoy.

Meat Pie

Staple snacks at Australian parties and the usual cause of many burnt tongue—meat pies. They are so popular that Australians consume an average of 12 meat pies a year, according to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand. And although there are so many varieties available in the market today, that old-school flaky pastry with minced meat and served with gravy is just so hard to beat.


Lamington is an important part of every Australian childhood. Lamington the sponge cake is beautifully dipped in chocolate icing and rolled in desiccated coconut. This treat is often found at school fairs and baking bazaars around the city.

Roasted Lamb

A popular main dish from the land Down Under. Whether it be a shoulder or leg cut, get-togethers with the family would not be complete without a roasted lamb on the table. For a traditional recipe, season your boneless lamb with rosemary and garlic.


For many years, Vegemite has been a part of the Aussie breakfast. This black and salty paste is versatile, whether spread on toasts and crackers or added in home-cooked recipes. Today, you can find this kitchen favourite in almost all grocery shops. Try browsing through your local woolies catalogue to find one.

Sausage Sandwich

Another popular at family events are barbecued goodies, such as sausage sandwiches. For a more Australian touch, get your sausage on a piece of bread and add a squirt of your favourite tomato ketchup. You can also add more flavour by adding onions, sauces, and tomatoes.


Although Pavlova is New Zealand’s national dessert, its origin is still a debate. This delicate cake is made of meringue—crispy crust and soft and airy centre—and topped with whipped cream and some fresh fruits. Its light and fluffy texture definitely is a perfect match for a heavy roast lunch.

Tim Tam

Tim Tam is chocolate covered biscuits with a chocolate cream centre—definitely not for someone watching their waistline. Perfect to pair with coffee, milk or tea; this is a perfect afternoon snack with the family.

Fish and Chips

This is not your ordinary fish and chips. The Aussie version makes use of beer batter as a fish coating. Paired with potato scallops or hot chips covered in salt and vinegar, this makes a delicious side dish for your barbecues.


A damper is another traditional Australian dish. Made with soda bread, this is said to be a common snack among swagmen and travellers. You can shape them like sausages, skew them on sticks and then cook over an open fire.


What is a barbecue without prawns! Serve some of these with zesty and hot dips. They are perfect for when you are entertaining.

While these food items and recipes are popular picks for the Australia Day celebration, you can have them any time of the year. Checkout woolies catalogue and make sure to include them in your next grocery shopping.


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