4 foods for a healthy lifestyle


We grew up listening to a Mantra “ eat well for a healthy life” but have you ever thought what is the meaning of eating well? If you think that a healthy diet plan means to exclude all the fancy dishes you like and to get extra slim, it’s not like that. Health is to stay active and strong, it means to have a strong muscular and immune system. There are a lot of healthy foods easily available in the market but of course, one cant eat all of them. If you want to eat healthily make some diet plans or get one from Yolo Meal plan food Delivery. 

Here I have selected 5 foods that are best for a healthy and active lifestyle. Daily consumption of these foods would help you in staying strong and to fight against many diseases especially heart disease. Let’s check out what these are. 


Salmon is the source of a lot of proteins and omega-3. Protein should be an important part of our everyday meal. Protein fights back against many diseases, helps the body to have a better immune system and keep you strong and healthy. Also, Salmon consists of fatty acids that help in holding the inflammation bay through your body. As a result, you feel active all day. 

Especially if your job is hectic and you don’t afford to be lazy at all, then a Wild Salmon is the best option for you. 

Wild salmon can be prepared at home or you can order it from any food delivery service. 

Fruits And vegetables ( green leafy veggies) 

There is a huge number of fruits and veggies that God has created for his beloved creatures. Though It is impossible to eat all the fruits and veggies in a day. So you can do one thing. Just take a medium-size plate and divide it into half. Now from Monday to Sunday select 1 fruit and 1 vegetable (better to have green leafy vegetables) and east one plate every day. Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fibers, fats, and minerals. They help to make your immune system strong and keep your body healthy and active. 

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are not for Halloween all the time. But if you want to be healthy and active, pumpkin seeds are best. They are enriched with magnesium and zinc. We don’t usually get enough magnesium and zinc in our daily meals. Lack of magnesium can lead you towards depression or anxiety. Magnesium and zinc help to keep the body relax and fight against constipation. Pumpkin seeds are best for those who are taking medicines for stress and anxiety. Only One tea-spoon of pumpkin seeds and all your stress is gone. Pumpkin seeds are easily available in the market. 

Whole Grain

Eating whole grains in your everyday meal is the best way to keep yourself healthy. Whole grains are enriched with proteins, fibers, nutrients, B vitamins and Antioxidants. Intake of whole grains helps in reducing the risk of heart disease, some kinds of cancer and diabetes. The fiber in the grains helps to purify your blood hence results in a balanced cholesterol level. 

Whole grains are also best for bowel movements, it gives relief in constipation or other intestinal problems. 

What you eat directly affects your lifestyle and health. That’s why be very careful about what to eat and when to eat. There are thousands of fruits and vegetables that God has created for us now it’s your job to select the one that suits best to your health requirements. 

The above 4 foods are easily available and best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


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