Formal And Casual Hijab For Ladies


Hijab is a cover worn by some Muslim ladies inside observing any male outside of their close-by family, which for the most part covers the head and chest. The word ḥijab in the Quran insinuates not to ladies’ dress, yet rather a shroud or a wrap. The term recommend to any head, face, or body covering worn by Muslim ladies that fits in with a specific standard.

Hijab can correspondingly be implied the detachment of ladies from men in the general open circle, or it might mean a charmed estimation, which surmise “the cover which separates man or the world from God”. Nowadays muslim women wear hijab as a cloth to separate themselves from men, they wear different kind of hijabs according to their dresses. There are various strategies for wearing hijab anyway the least demanding strategy for wearing it is according to the accompanying:-

Strategies for wearing hijab

  • Overlap the scarf into a triangle.
  • Place scarf on your head with one side longer than the other and one under the chin.
  • Take longer side and wrap it behind your head and pass on it in another side.
  • Put the scarf behind your head and at the shoulder.

Female casual hijab can be wear everyday by females in school, colleges etc, and this can be supplemented with neck accessories There are different type of casual hijabs that can be worn by female and in different manner.


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Different types of casual hijab

  • You can wear hijab by covering your head and neck while you are wearing it with sporty clothes or while going to gym or for any other physical activity as it is convenient to carry it.
  • Women prefer light coloured hijabs in summer made up of cotton fabric as it suits weather conditions. They prefer woolen and dark coloured hijab in winters as it is in acoordance with the weather.
  • These casual hijab long dresses are in trend. There are various online websites which provides casual hijab dresses for sale at a very nominal and competitive price. Women wear fancy and embroidered hijab on their wedding day and on other special days.

As these days floral print is in trend, so women prefer soothing and subtle colours with little bit floral hand print. It gives elegant and beautiful look to women.

  • Woolen hijab for babies are prefer as they keep baby warm and protect them from chilly winters. Babies look so cute and adorable in hijabs.

Nowadays there is lot of variety of hijab that is available online as well as offline. You can choose best hijab across the world with no time and adorn your beauty with it.


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