Top 10 Free People Search Engine Websites to Use As a Google Alternatives in 2024

Free People Search Engine Websites

In this article you will get a list of free search engines which you can use as a Google Alternatives that can run properly to search for the right person.

People are the best things that happen in our life. If we can consider our lives to be a book, then like a book, people consist of our lives as chapters. Some we meet and keep in touch; some others we might not be in touch all the time. Rarely do we forget people; we remember their faces, their words, and the time we spent with them as precious memories. If we try to find them, it will take a long time to find them physically. In that case, this might not be a ‘small world’ at all; however, the web platform is a global connector indeed.

Different people search engines are perfect and apt to find a person’s whereabouts only by providing basic details. In this article, the need for the people search engine websites, the different types of search engines followed by the top 10 free People Search Engine Websites in 2021 to find people are discussed that people can use to find their long-lost friend or neighbor or childhood buddy.

There is one small thing to keep notice of before going for subscription to these sites- many of the sites are area-specific; hence can find people only if they are living within a geographical boundary. Hence before subscribing to these sites which might charge some subscription money, do check whether it is a global people search engine or not. Here is a list of alternative search engines that can run properly to search for the right person.

Why do we need these People Search Engines?

While the name was placed at first, the first misconception rather limited information that people can have is it discovers people whom we have lost touch in our busy adult life. Well, it is partially true; but these People Search Engines are way more helpful than these. Sometimes, they can save the user from future trauma and stress as well as many times it prevents such situations from being created.

If a person wants to do a small-scale business with some remote workers, these people’s search engines can come in handy for this reason. One can find trustworthy and skilled people to be a part of his/her business and let it flourish in the right hand instead of picking up random people as employees are scarce.

In some other condition, if one is a college student and is willing to find a room-mate to share their rent in an unknown place, he/she needs to find a trustworthy person too along with someone who is in desperate need of the same thing. People Search Engine can find the right people for them as well, and you never know; they might end up being the best friends in life.

These particular sites will not just let one know about a person’s whereabouts based on their social profiles; they can also find out more about unknown people. Like whether they have any chronic illness or have any arrest or criminal records or not.


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Types of Search Engines

There are two types of people’s search engine websites to surf from. One is subscription and charge-based, which provide quicker, better, and detailed services keeping the information of the searcher confidential. The other category is free people’s search engines that need no money to be paid for the service.

Below is a list of the 10 most authentic, helpful, and free alternative search engine Websites to use to find people through the web in 2021.

Top 10 Free People Search Engine Websites to use in 2023

Bing Free Search Engine

Bing is Microsoft’s biggest search engine that has critical acclaim. Some say it is the second-largest search engine in the world while for some others Bing outperforms Google in many ways. What can be an eye treat while searching for anything in Bing is it provides a very colorful background of the search bar that can attract the viewers. Also, the displays result in larger thumbnails, possible to be previewed with sound. From the conversion of currency to flight tracking, from translation to search for people- some internal features are helpful for even first-time users. To draw the attention of the beginners, there is a reward system associated with this site for every purchase (apps or movies). Also, with every search, the user accumulates redeemable points at Windows and Microsoft stores as well.

DuckDuckGo Free Search Engine

DuckDuckGo is a search engine, perfectly designed for those who want to remain hidden from their search activities. The search interface of DuckDuckGo is very user-friendly and easily navigated. Here, the user can find a longer list of their searched topics; hence they will not be interrupted to keep changing pages in their flow of search. There are also, least numbers of ads which make the search even smoother.

One can bookmark and save DuckDuckGo’s extension to their browser to keep their searches secret. There is another useful feature of this search engine; that is called bangs. It is a way in which one can search for another website directly from DuckDuckGo by typing only the prefix part of it. Also, when one is willing to search someone through the search engines, it would become easier as the search page includes infinite scrolling; hence the possibility is there to find the guy at the very first page only; if he/she is available.

BroadReader Free Search Engine

BroadReader is a comparatively lesser-known search engine to be used to search people in. It is mostly used for message boards and forums. If one is willing to search the forum and filter them by language and date, this is the perfect search engine to dig in. This has been a very useful tool for the in-depth researchers as this site provides the real contents written by the users themselves on the search topics; sometimes, they provide topics and written contents covered under the topic as well. Sometimes, the beginners are confused about which form to visit for their purpose; this search engine is the perfect destination for them. It is amongst the top search engines used by researchers to find their desired content writers.

StartPage Free Search Engine

StartPage is a similar website as that of DuckDuckGo where no information regarding the search or the searcher is stored. It uses a strict privacy policy to make the searches as comfortable as possible for the users. Just like Google’s incognito, this site claims to be the only ‘Prime’ search engine; the most private one. StartPage can be regarded as a proxy server as well that allows the user to browse websites, contents anonymously and confidentially. It provides the perfect online safety to the user. As it has a set of producing custom URL generation, the user can browse any website without the need of setting cookies. With this super functional interface, this site has a very popular set of themes as well like the Night Mode. It is one of the smartest and most popular search engines to find people for free.

Ecosia Free Search Engine

For the eco-system lovers, this is the best site to prefer and dig in. Ecosia is an environment-friendly site that provides the best ecosystem-friendly results of their searches. All other searching engines produce and emit carbon while they are used for any sort of search; product or people search. This site, however, is no exception as such. But they work with immense responsibility. With each search in the search engine, they accumulate the revenue generated and pour it into their tree-planting scheme. The bar is to reach 45 searches to plant a single tree. Now the calculating method is a little unknown- whether it is 45 consecutive searches by each person or any 45 consecutive searches in the search engine irrespective of the user. Ecosia is famously known as the CO2-neutral alternative search engines to search people for free.

Search Encrypt Free Search Engine

Like some other super-private search engines, Search Encrypt entitles itself as one of those. This site uses local encryption to hide the search information of the user to be encoded and maintains the privacy of the site. For security purposes, this site uses a multi-fold encryption method including the AES-256 encryption and ‘Secure-Socket Layer’ encryption. Also, the searched terms eventually expire and disappear by 15 minutes from the time of the user’s inactivity. Even if the local network has access to one’s device, using this search engine will never let them track the searched history of the user. It is a Meta-search engine where the result is generated from a connected network of partners; hence the results generated are well searched and rounded results. However, the identifiable information will not be able to track while using this search engine to search people.

Yandex Free Search Engine

Manufactured in native Russia, Yandex is the fifth most popular search engine to search people for free. According to statistics, 60% of the total search engine market share comes from this search engine. From websites to images to videos, news, and even about people as well in a user-friendly interface just like google.

It also provides additional features as well like mobile apps, translation, maps, and cloud storage- Yandex has a very large range of functionality. Besides 45% of the Russian natives, people from Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, and Kazakhstan also use this search engine to find their relevant documents.

Gibiru Free Search Engine

If one is searching for ‘unfiltered public search’, Gibiru is the best search engine to search with. With an associated AnonymoxFirefox downloaded with it, all the searches are done through a proxy IP server. Such a system helps the user find unbiased and private searches disabling the tracking of the search history. Also, the searched terms and history are erased just within seconds after the search. It also does not install the tracking cookies; hence it is tagged as a faster NSA search engine.

Swisscows Free Search Engine

In the list of free people search engine websites, this is a unique website acting as a search engine. Swisscows consider itself as a family-friendly semantic search engine. It never collects; stores or tracks any of the data used or surfed by the user. What is the most important and exclusive thing of this search engine uses its artificial intelligence (AI); to understand and determine the context of the query typed by the user.

Also, the result generated of queries by this site has remarkable accuracy. This website is a very famous and reliable website by the parents as well as they want their children to surf information in a better and safer site; Swisscows is the safest site to seek for. There is a semantic map as well that provides the list of popular queries regarding that topic of search as well.

OneSearch Free Search Engine

Though this search engine is the newest in the lot that has been launched by Verizon Media in January 2020; it has made its place in the top 10 free people search engine websites to use in 2021 with its accuracy. This site does not track or retarget any of the personal profiles of the user. Neither does it share any of the personal data with the advisers. It provides unbiased and unfiltered straight searches by encrypting the search terms. Like the other websites, it also deletes the search history as soon as the user switches off the device or disconnects.


After going through this article, one can understand that it is indeed a small world; it becomes even smaller when these above people search engine websites are used to find people.  Apart from these, there are some other people’s search engine websites that provide better results but they are all paid. However, when one can find so much detailed information about the person they want to search for without paying a single buck, why would they pay for it! Want to get a useable experience by using the people search engine website? Above are the best places to get one’s search done efficiently yet for free.


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