How to get the best price on your new sectional sofa

How to get the best price on your new sectional sofa

The sectional sofa can be one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in your family or living room. Any time you are ready for new furniture, price is going to be a primary consideration. Most people have a set budget for their new living room furniture, and getting the best deal on a sectional will allow you to buy more pieces that you love.

There are several ways you can get a really good price on sectional sofas and other living room furniture. Here are the best ways to find an affordable sectional you’ll love.

Shop local furniture stores

Your local furniture retailers are certain to have sale events during predictable times of the year. Most furniture stores honor the tradition of Black Friday. Small stores might also offer discounts on Small Business Saturday. While Cyber Monday was originally for online businesses only, local stores are typically offering discounts throughout the 3 days of frenzied consumerism to compete on a level similar to online furniture stores.

Sale events are also typically held during some national holidays. The most commonly timed sales on sectionals include President’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Furniture retailers also offer clearance sales two or three times a year, usually in January and July.

Shop flea markets and swap meets

Some enterprising people make a living by purchasing lightly used or less than perfect sectionals for resale. Because they have virtually no overhead and are already receiving the product on the cheap, this can be the best way to find a sectional you love at a lower price, especially if you are going for an eclectic look.

Shop online furniture stores

You will get the best prices on a new sectional when you shop online. Online furniture stores have a larger inventory and less overhead than brick and mortar furniture retailers, which means they can offer lower prices. 

Additionally, whereas furniture stores hold clearance just a couple of times per year, online furniture stores offer a wide selection of sectionals on clearance year round. These sectional sofas are of high quality even though they are so inexpensive. 

Online stores can also offer lower prices because they are buying the furniture in bulk. Furniture manufacturers offer discounts to retailers who buy a minimum number of sectionals. Rather than pocketing huge profits, online stores pass those savings along to their consumers.

Finally, online stores celebrate all of the same retail holidays as brick and mortar stores. They are likely to offer discounts for the entire weekend surrounding these national observances. They also offer clearance sales throughout the year, giving you savings on collections from previous seasons.

With the wide variety of sectionals available online and the affordability of their living room furniture it doesn’t make sense to buy your next sectional any other way. You can find sectionals on sale:


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