Applications That Will Come in Handy to Every Student

Applications That Will Come in Handy to Every Student

What are you using your phone for? Maybe you watch tons of videos on TikTok or Instagram, laughing at them, sharing your friends, and making them viral? Quite an option, that is very spread among students. You have probably seen the image of a company of youngsters sitting together and dwelling upon their smartphones not even noticing themselves. Unfortunately, students use their electronic gadgets not usefully, and they waste their time on unnecessary things. In turn, these things do nothing but make the brain degrade and not concentrate on important matters, such as studying. However, there is a great solution, and in some cases, it may appear to be way more entertaining than universally downloaded apps. How about packing the memory of your phone with awesome apps needed for students to unload their tough studying? Don’t hesitate, they definitely will!

Are you already intrigued? Then find in our new article some cool and handy apps for students!


How many times did you struggle to solve the math equation which had even more letters than numbers? We guess a lot. You may moan about this unfair approach and ask yourself: “Why do I need to find the X?” Nevertheless, that’s the curriculum, and you need to follow it. Moreover, math develops your problem-solving and critical thinking skills! Imagine you feeling proud of yourself when you have found that tricky X! Aren’t you convinced yet of the importance of equations? Then here’s a helping hand for you – an app that can solve any equation! All you have to do is to download Photomath, open the book or notes with a particular equation or problem, scan it, and enjoy the result! Furthermore, if you need to write down the whole solution, no need to worry at all! The app provides you with all the steps and formulas. Shazam – and your homework is done!

Some military academy students could only dream of the app that would solve their tasks. Nonetheless, they could refer for assistance to free college papers on air force and catch their breath.


Have you always dreamt of becoming a student at Harvard University? Or maybe you would like to attend the lectures of Princeton professors? Perhaps you have a strong desire to know more about the psychology of relations, right? Well, you can achieve such aims in the online world! Coursera is the platform where you can choose the course you want depending on your interests. The scopes are various: from history, biology, medical science, management, leadership, and so on. If you have enough time instead of your basic education, why don’t you develop yourself in more ways? Furthermore, you have an opportunity to receive a completion certificate, but it is a service to be paid. However, you can still pass the course for free, if you think that you need only extra knowledge and experience. However also read this post of Apps for students to earn money.


Keeping your notebook properly as many student bloggers demonstrate is very creative, but time-wasting and thorough work. Do you really want to do that? Here’s a wonderful alternative for you. Supported by Microsoft, OneNote is a comfy and multi-functional app for keeping your notes in order. You can create many notebooks there depending on the number of subjects. Moreover, you are not only limited to text printing. If you have a stylus pen, you can use it for handwriting. Thanks to its AI system, the app may easily convert your handwriting into a printed text, and even translate it! Besides, if you need to save some photos or screenshots, it is not a problem. Finally, when you understand that your tutor is speaking at high speed, don’t separately open a voice recorder. OneNote possesses the same function, so you don’t need to search for the lecture very long.

Anyway, students think that this app can do anything they want: from planning to drawing. At the same time, it can even become entertaining!

It may also appear that those, who perform, for instance, nursing essay writing, are using this app to make notes and write perfect work!


And we finish our compilation with a tricky app that is helpful for students who have an exam the next day and like to sleep a lot. The principle of its work is simple. You set the alarm clock as usual and then go to sleep. Remember, sleeping is crucial to save energy while studying! Anyway, when you get up with a first ringtone, a temptation to shut it down and keep on sleeping appears. However, to turn off the Alarmy noise, you need to complete some tasks: answer the question, take a photo of a particular object, write a sentence, etc. In conclusion, your brain is activated and recharged, and you won’t have a willingness to sleep because you have lots of plans!


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