Curious About Using Glasses for Dry eyes? Here’s What to Know

Curious About Using Glasses for Dry eyes Here's What to Know

Dry eyes can be a real pain in the… well, eyes. They can make you feel like you’re staring at a desert or sandpaper. They can cause irritation, redness, itching, and even blurred vision. But what if there was a simple solution to your dry eyes woes? What if you could just put on a pair of glasses and feel the relief wash over you? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Dry eye glasses from Dry Eye Directory are a real thing. They can make a big difference in your comfort and quality of life. But how do they work? What are the benefits? How do you choose the right pair?

That’s what this guest post is all about. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about glasses for dry eyes, from the science behind them to the benefits of using them. So if you’re curious about using glasses for dry eyes, read on. You’ll be glad you did.

What are Eyeglasses for dry eyes?

To understand everything about eyeglasses for dry eyes, you must first know what they are. So, what are they? Eyeglasses for dry eyes feature a gasket or eyecup that comfortably envelops your eyes, creating a protective seal. This design helps the eyes retain moisture, providing much-needed relief from dry eye symptoms.

The Science Behind Eyeglasses for dry eyes

As mentioned earlier, eyeglasses for dry eyes have an eyecup or gasket designed to encompass your eyes comfortably. The gasket is designed to fill the gap between your face and the frame. So, how do they work? First, eyeglasses for dry eyes block drafts, winds, air, and heat conditioning tend to make the eye’s tear film break up quickly. By blocking these harsh elements, your tear film can stay intact longer.

Second, these glasses create a humid environment for your eyes, ensuring you don’t suffer from the effects of low relative humidity.

Benefits of Eyeglasses for dry eyes

Wearing eyeglasses for dry eyes can help to:

  1. Safeguard your eyes from:
    • The sun’s glare
    • Irritation by pollutants, dust, and allergens like pollen
    • Drying factors like wind, warm sunshine, and air conditioning
  2. Slow down tear moisture evaporation, which, in turn, helps reduce your dry eyes symptoms.
  3. Reduce the risk of infections by maintaining a clean environment around your eyes. Infections can sometimes trigger a dry eye episode.
  4. Reduce your dependence on ointments and eye drops.

How Do You Choose the Right Eyeglasses for Dry Eyes?

When choosing eyeglasses for dry eyes, it’s important to note that dry eye symptoms vary from one person to another. And with the symptoms being different, you can expect the treatment to vary. So, here are a few factors you must consider when choosing your eyeglasses for dry eyes.

The Type of Glasses

There are two types of eyeglasses for dry eyes: moisture chamber glasses and therapeutic contact lenses.

Moisture Chamber Glasses: These special moisture retention glasses help prevent tear evaporation by improving hydration to the eyes. Aside from these glasses’ numerous benefits, their appearance can be a huge turn-off for some people. Moisture chamber glasses look bulky, mainly because of the rubber gasket around the frame.

Therapeutic Contact Lenses: If moisture chamber glasses aren’t more up your alley, you can always opt for contact lenses. These lenses allow an even tear distribution and help lubricate and protect your eye’s surface. However, you do require a doctor to prescribe you the right fit.

UVB and UVA Protection

Aside from choosing the type of eyeglasses for dry eyes you require, you also need to select one with the highest UVB and UVA protection ability. Remember, the sun’s glare can cause the evaporation of tears, so ensure the glasses you choose can offer you the best protection.

Hypoallergenic Materials

An eye infection can exacerbate your dry eye symptoms. Therefore, ensure that the eyeglasses for dry eyes you go for are made from hypoallergenic materials. This will help you avoid triggering any allergic responses or reactions that could worsen your dry eye symptoms.

They Should Perform Essential Functions

There is no point in having eyeglasses for dry eyes that aren’t easy to use when performing essential functions. Therefore, ensure your glasses are still accessible, attractive, durable, and convenient. They should also help improve your vision while still fitting your eyes comfortably.

Dry eyes can be significantly disruptive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get on with your life. And with eyeglasses for dry eyes, you can certainly do so.


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