How to Choose Essay topics For Students

How to Choose Essay topics For Students

Learning how to choose essay topics is a vital part of any student’s development. Being able to pick a subject at will from multiple fields is a skill any student would love to have. It’s about being able to assess what the tutor is asking of you and picking a topic to concoct a well-researched and interesting essay.

Firstly, any topic you choose needs to evoke some level of interest from the reader. What separates a good essay writer from a great essay writer is their ability to take the most boring subject in the world and make it into something people actually want to read. Being able to do this increases your chances of receiving a good grade. Of course, interesting is an entirely subjective concept, but choosing controversial and regularly debated topics always works. You can find more tips in the Paperwritings review.

Also, ensure your subject requires a significant amount of research. One of the criteria tutors and examiners have is the student has demonstrated a high level of research. If you can’t show, through your chosen topic, depth in your research you’re instantly cut off from the highest grades.

To help you determine a subject, here are 50 different essay topics for you to consider

  1. We can’t stop damage to the environment.
  2. Famous people have no right to privacy.
  3. Keeping animals in zoos is a form of cruelty.
  4. Women are not better parents than men.
  5. What adults do influences what children do.
  6. Private education is wrong.
  7. Educating children at home is ineffective.
  8. Do humans need to learn languages when we have computers?
  9. What are the advantages of sending aid to poor countries?
  10. Are humans numb to bad news?
  11. Is war in Europe an extinct concept?
  12. Are humans too reliant on technology?
  13. Is travel an essential part of a person’s development?
  14. All people should learn a foreign language.
  15. Education isn’t necessary to be successful.
  16. Deforestation must stop globally.
  17. Humans need to eat meat.
  18. Humans are natural carnivores.
  19. Are bad children the fault of the parents?
  20. Should all old people be sent to state-run care homes?
  21. Who is responsible for the care of old people and why?
  22. How has the workplace changed due to technology?
  23. Technology has made too many professions obsolete.
  24. Governments should intervene in family life.
  25. Special effects contribute to great movies.
  26. Animal testing is unnecessary and cruel.
  27. How to write an effect essay with help from an essay writing service
  28. Stem cell research is going nowhere.
  29. Why is it beneficial for students to study abroad?
  30. Should companies be forced to give some top jobs to women?
  31. Are men naturally more responsible at the higher levels of society?
  32. How do news editors decide what to broadcast on TV?
  33. Has healthcare become too involved in profit margins?
  34. Has health and safety gone too far?
  35. Should serious criminals be allowed to come back into society?
  36. Too much money has been spent on space exploration.
  37. No formal retirement age should be enforced.
  38. Rich countries shouldn’t chase debts from poor countries.
  39. Academic subjects should take precedence in schools and colleges.
  40. Rich countries should be held to account for environmental damage.
  41. We have a responsibility to aid poorer nations.
  42. Do you think telecommuting is the work method of the future?
  43. Should young drivers pass more stringent tests before getting their licenses?
  44. What are the disadvantages of going away from home to study?
  45. Nuclear power is too dangerous to use.
  46. How has the male standing in society changed in the last century?
  47. Women are still second-class citizens.
  48. More people should be encouraged to enter medical trials.
  49. Conscription is a necessary mechanism of the state’s defence.
  50. Do athletes earn too much money?


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