7 Tips For Getting A Better Rank In Rainbow Six Siege

7 Tips For Getting A Better Rank In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege, easily the best tactical shooting game in the world right now, is not the easiest. It has a bit of a learning curve that remains endless. With every game, you get better, and you actually learn more about the game finishing up every game than you knew when it started.  

It might seem overwhelming to some, but this is what makes it one of the best games out there. And the most challenging part of the game is that sometimes you feel like you are not improving because the rank is stagnating. This can be a pretty hard pill for a gamer to swallow. 

Now to save you from that zone of utter frustration, here are 7 tips that stood the test of time and worked almost whenever implemented well. If you work on these aspects and try to incorporate those in your gameplay, you will legitimately see the difference. And if you ever need to rank up faster than ever, check these r6 cheats.

These will not promise you to push your rank sky high, but you will surely be a better siege player with a consistently growing rank, even on your worst days.   

Widen your vision – Play the whole map, not just the objective area

The standard play tells you to get tunnel vision and remain close to your mates to prevent the team from falling apart. Which makes sense, but ignoring the rest of the map could do more damage than not sticking with the team will. Enemies smell players who play in the objective arena and quickly take you out by surrounding. 

The better way would be to play the whole map, keeping an eye on the floors above and below and go back & forth from the objective area as a defender. You can quite easily come back if your squad needs help. 

Vertical Play – Don’t let enemies in

This next tip is excellent for ranked newbies. Most of them hang out in the casual mode where there’s little to no vertical play. It’s nothing fancy – just playing above or below your opponents. This is easily possible as most floors and ceilings are breakable. The bullet and your player can both crash through them quickly. It’s a great way to disallow opponents from entering your building entirely. 

Drones – The most crafty tool in your arsenal 

This is an underrated tip that most people know about but rarely pay much attention to. Using drones more can reward you with discrete information on your opponents, more than you think. It’s the second most powerful tool available in your arsenal. 

Using it effectively can give you a massive edge over your opponents. For instance, before breaking into a room – check them thoroughly using your drone. Know where your opponents have placed their gadgets

Rank over K/D – Stay alive

You can have a great rank or a great K/D, but not both. Unless you are that kind of pro whose life starts and ends at siege, your chances of getting both are minute. Prioritizing staying alive over rushing every time you catch an opportunity is what’s going to push your rank high. 

You have to organize and plan your attacks first by finding out where your opponents use drones and cameras, gain intel from gadgets, and then attack. The more calm & composed you are, the better your rank will be. 

Don’t stick with your favorite operators throughout 

Most players begin the game with their favorite operators and continue till they are killed to dust. That’s one of the things you have to avoid. Sure, get a start with whatever operator you prefer – but as you make progress learning more about your opponent’s gameplay & style, it’s crucial to adapt and make changes in your operator picks and your playstyle. Keep specific operators handy for every kind of playstyle & watch your rank improve. 

Utility – the undervalue gem.

There’s way more to your operator than just a gun. The outcome of your fight will be predicated on the utility you tag along with yourself going in. Gun skills will make you better than some; using utility wisely & playing smarter will take you way farther. 

Using claymore, stun & smoke grenades to defend yourself and the areas you plan to plant in can be a way smarter move than just going in blindly. If you use it correctly, the utility will serve you as a second gun. 

Carry different operators at your disposal 

Your operator choice should vary. You need to learn at least a few both on the attack & defense sides. A few different roles at your disposal always come in handy. You’ll get caught up a lot in situations when a completely different ability is required. The more operators you are comfortable with, the better the edge you have. 

Final Words

In the end, Siege is a game of practice and using tactics wisely. These tips above will give you a fair idea of what direction you should pursue your gameplay in. Practice keeping them in mind, and watch your rank go upwards. 


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