Could Instagram Be Effective For Generating Leads? Know Here

Could Instagram Be Effective For Generating Leads

Did you know that the number of active users on Instagram is increasing faster than Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter? Instagram has reached more than one billion monthly users worldwide. In addition, this includes business profiles, which are as many as 25 million! This shows the potential of Instagram in promotion of businesses. Whether you are promoting spectrum bundle deals, your makeup products, or your clothing brand, you can avail the benefit of powerful promotion on Instagram.

Of all the social media forums, Instagram is the most effective platform to generate leads. Instagrammers love to interact personally with the businesses. According to the statistics of Instagram, around 200 million Instagram users at least visit one business profile every day. 60% of Instagram users claim that they discover new brands and products on Instagram. Are you working on having an engaged audience on the said social media forum? Do you want to convert your followers into leads?

Learn to combine fancy Instagram features with calls to action to capture more leads. Take advantage of the following powerful tips.

Optimizing Your Bio

One of the major drawbacks of Instagram is not being able to add any clickable links with the posts. You can only have one clickable link and that is in your bio. However, do not worry. Still, you can do many amazing things with that single clickable link. You need to keep your audience in mind before optimizing your Instagram bio. Since the biggest number of users on Instagram are millennials, consider what trends they want to follow. They love to share user-generated content. You can use that clickable link for linking other users relevant to your business. Alternatively, you can link users who have reviewed your products and so on.

For a well-optimized Instagram profile, the following three things are central:

  • Profile Image.
  • Descriptive content.
  • Clickable link.

Make sure all these things are well thought out and carefully used.

Engage With Your Instagram Audience

What is social media without its “social” element? Engagement is the key factor why Instagram became a massive hit. If you’re serious about generating leads and having a better conversion, you have to interact effectively with your audience. The straightforward way to have better engagement is responding to everything. Except for the spams.

While interacting with your audience, you can’t just say some formal words and carry on with your business. Just make sure you are giving them their due attention. Make them feel that you are considering their opinion. Work on making your responses human and engaging. Following are some great ideas to consider while engaging with your customers:

  • Use emojis.
  • Reply in an approachable and welcoming way.
  • Reply with a hilarious GIF, that is available in the stories.
  • Ask one or two follow-up questions.


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Make Use of Instagram Live

For real-time interaction, this is the best hack. When you are live on Instagram, your video will show as an Instagram story. Viewers will be able to interact with you. And that too in real-time. Since it appears in your story, it’ll erase automatically after some time. And then there’s no way to watch it again. This feature makes it more appealing to customers. They wouldn’t want to miss it. Also, Instagram creates a sense of urgency for the live videos which are posted. It sends notifications to your followers just when you start a live video. They will be able to catch you live in the section of Instagram stories. Since you can’t save these videos for later, following are some good tips to make them worth watching.

Use them for:

  • New product alerts.
  • Big announcements.
  • Sneak peeks.
  • Teasers about new services and products.
  • Social media contests.
  • Live Q&A sessions.

Partner with an Influence and Use Instagram Stories

If you have launched your brand and product line recently, it would be a great idea to partner with an influencer. Use your Instagram stories to reveal your partnerships. The influencer will take over your brand profile for some time to post reviews and content about your brand. This way your brand gets to have exposure to a larger community. The influencer’s audience will also know your brand and the chain will continue.

Make use of the organic stories too. They appear for 24-hours and then they are removed automatically.

Add a Call to Action

Finally yet importantly, add a call to action. Your presence on Instagram is all about conversion. So, do not post content without adding a call to action. In addition to providing the shopping link in bio, you can hold contests; ask for engagement, and think of other creative ways to boost your sales. You can ask your followers to tag their friends in the contest posts.

These days one thing you can make your content catchy by using related hashtags. For instance, if you are promoting internet offers, you can use hashtags like #mostaffordableinternet #fastinternet and so on.


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